WHO is your God? Or is it Pastor Apollo Quiboloy? According to Bible, The celibate Jesus Christ is the only Son of God the Father and we are His children. We're brothers and sisters in Christ. Yet as Christians, we're condemned to commit incest.

Recently, a US federal grand jury has indicted President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s friend and spiritual adviser Apollo Quiboloy for sex trafficking, in which girls and young women were coerced to have sex with him under pain of “eternal damnation.”

Also indicted were two top officials of the Quiboloy-founded church called “Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), The Name Above Every Name”—“international administrator” Teresita Dandan, 59, a top overseer of its operations in the United States, and Felina Salinas, 50, who allegedly collected and secured the passports and other documents of church workers in Hawaii, and directed funds solicited by them to church officials in the Philippines.

Duterte condemned Catholic priests for sexually abusing him as a teen. But this time, his friend Quiboloy gets a pass for the same sins. I've seen their pretty reporters on Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), also known by its legal operating name Swara Sug Media Corporation, the official broadcasting arm of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) led by the Filipino church leader and televangelist Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Based in Davao City and Makati City (for its sister channel SMNI News Channel), the broadcasting network is available via terrestrial broadcast in the Philippines, and on cable, satellite, and online streaming worldwide.

Well that Christians, Catholic, mainline Protestants, and evangelicals remember this come election time on May 9, 2022, when Filipinos cast their votes for the next president and vice president, senators, congresspeople, party-lists, governors, mayors, councilors, and provincial board members.

Recently, Western Visayan now the Manila-based Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula urged the faithful to focus on Christ in all aspects of life.

In his message, the cardinal's message in the celebration of the Great Feast of Christ The King. "May we install Christ as King in all aspects of our lives, society, church, home, government, politics, economy and culture," Cardinal Advincula told Radio Veritas.

The archbishop also referred to the upcoming 2022 national and local elections as a unique exercise and important chapter in the country’s history. The Cardinal stressed the importance of the role of every voter in electing worthy town leaders.

Cardinal Advincula challenges the people to choose the truth brought by the Lord Christ the King in choosing leaders of society who value the dignity of the subject and promote the common good.

"I pray that respect for human dignity, common good, social justice and societal charity and preferential options for the poor will prevail in our society,” Cardinal Advincula stressed.

The call of the Manila chief shepherd is also in line with the goal of Radio Veritas “One Godly Vote” campaign to expand voter’s education to 63 million voters and help identify each individual candidate. Well we remember that Christ is our King and not the pretender son of God who has amassed great wealth.