IT COULD have been Rwandan visionary Segatashya himself who inspired me from Heaven to write about what he had said in a realistic dream to writer Immaculee Ilibagiza, also a Rwandan who had personally known some of the visionaries in the Church-approved apparitions of the Blessed Mother and Jesus Christ in the remote town of Kibeho, in Rwanda, Africa in the 1980’s.

Last week, I kept notes of Segatashya’s message and planned to share them in this column today. But it is only now, several days later at this moment of writing, that I suddenly realized that Nov. 28 is the date allocated for the commemoration of Our Lady of Kibeho. And so this column comes out on the eve of the commemoration, in a merge of coincidences that must have been spun by no less than Segatashya in his attempt to make people take more seriously the recent messages, no matter how dire, being relayed to all by credible Christian mystics.

Segatashya was not among the three Kibeho visionaries officially approved by the Church, but he was one of the dozens who claimed to have had mystical experiences in Kibeho.

But Segatashya, one of those who were killed in the 1994 genocide prophesied by the Blessed Mother during the apparitions, was found to be credible by those who knew him. Many are confident that he, too, would be pronounced official visionary someday.

Now, let share with readers what Immaculee Iibagaza wrote about Segatashya whom she encountered in a realistic dream, after she wrote a book about the Kibeho apparitions which centered mostly on the three Church-approved visionaries.

Immaculee related: “And then, without using words, he (Segatashya) looked into my heart and asked me, ‘Immaculée, why have you been so concerned about whether the Church gives or does not give official approval to the visions that I had while I was on Earth? You know how late the hour is for humankind; you know that the end is near. Isn’t telling my story more important than waiting for someone on Earth to give my words a stamp of approval? Isn’t letting people know about the messages Jesus gave to me the most important thing in the world? What is more crucial than sharing the messages Jesus urgently wants people to know about as soon as possible -- messages he wants people to know about right now, before it’s too late?”

“Then Segatashya smiled and said, ‘You know, some messages are so important that they must be told immediately, no matter what. Some things are so important that they just can’t wait for approval!’ He reached out and touched my arm, and I awoke with a start.” (Immaculee’s book Our Lady of Kibeho can be had online via Kindle app.)

So what messages from Jesus did Segatashya want people to know? The same urgent messages that are being conveyed through credible mystics of our days, those I have also been sharing in this column for close to two years now.

Segatashya’s concern was reflected in a more recent message of the Blessed Mother to to Gisella Cardia on Ot. 26, 2021. Here it is.

Dear daughter, thank you for having responded to my call in your heart. My children, I ask you to listen to the true prophets of these end times, for they are my messengers and as such they will be your guide. I want to save all my children and that is why I am still touching the earth; there is none more blind than he who does not want to see, and despite the signs of the times foretold, even those who have faith refuse to look at what is happening.

“My children, the times are hard: the whole earth continues to be covered by darkness. I ask you to pray much, and conversion is urgent. I also ask you to stay at home in prayer on the feast of Satan and to light a blessed candle; unfortunately the satanic sects will perform monstrous rites, but do not be afraid. My angels are with you and will be more numerous as time goes by: everything is set for the final battle. Now I bless you in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.” (End of quote.)

Yes, the messages from Heaven have been unprecedentedly frequent, a series that indicate such urgency as to outpace Vatican approvals. Last Oct. 20, Our Lord Jesus had another message through Valeria Copponi as follows.

“My daughter, I am your Jesus and I come to give you strength and courage in these end times. I am certainly not here to make you afraid: I am He who loves all His children without distinction. You were created to return to the One who has always thought of you. Why is all this fear taking over your hearts? I am with you especially when you are seized with fear.

“Please think of the love that I have demonstrated in Creation: I want the best for each one of you. Pray to the Father so that He would put an end to these difficult times and open the New World to all His children who deserve to have peace, joy, love and to share what wonderfully exists in eternity.

“If you are consistent with your Creed, you will be safe: the certainty that something more durable exists ought to remove from your hearts and minds this fear that has taken hold of you and which no longer allows you to live in the freedom that I gave to each one of you. In prayer, only in prayer will you find that strength which will not leave you facing every obstacle.

“The Devil knows that these are the last times for tempting My beloved children, and he is instilling fear and apprehension in order to make you fall and lose eternal life. I ask you to draw near to My Body and Blood: nourish yourselves with the Eucharist that satisfies your hunger at every moment. I want you all to be with Me and I will not allow you to be tempted for long. I gave My life for you and will not allow it to be taken away from you through deception. I love you, I console you if you ask Me, and I will save you from all the traps of the Devil. I bless you in the Name of My Father and of the whole Trinity.”