SENATOR Lito Lapid has reportedly endorsed the candidacy of Mayor Jaime Capil, who is running for reelection in the 2022 mayoralty race in Porac town.

The Bayung Porac, one of the town’s official Facebook page, announced this with a photo of Lapid raising the hand of Capil in a gesture of solidarity.

Capil, along with his runningmate vice-mayor aspirant and incumbent Councilor Francis "Budoy" Tamayo and Municipal Council bets, are running under Pampanga Governor Dennis Pineda's Kapanalig at Kambilan ding Memalen Pampanga (Kambilan) political party.

Capil's slate carries the name "Team Bayung Porac," the same political group he ran under in 2019. For 2022, the team will carry the slogan, "Isundu ing Pamagbayu para king asensung Poraqueño."