A POLICEMAN from Bacolor Municipal Police Station faces a homicide case for allegedly shooting a 19-year-old man.

Pampanga Police Provincial Office Director Colonel Robin Sarmiento identified the suspect as Police Corporal Alvin Pastorin, who was already put under restrictive custody of the Bacolor police while his case is pending at the fiscal's office.

Pastorin, 33, is an intelligence officer of the Bacolor Municipal Police Station.

A thorough investigation of the incident has also been ordered by higher police officials to provide justice to the death of the victim identified as Abelardo Vasquez.

Based on initial police report, Pastorin, who came from duty, went to a store and saw Vasquez and his group without face masks and top clothes while having a drinking session.

Pastorin's advice to go home and get face mask and t-shirt, however, turned into a heated discussion, the report added, citing a witness' account.

Instead of heeding the advice, Vasquez's group allegedly called their relatives who were also having drinking session at a separate house for back-up.

Pastorin then allegedly went back to his car but the group threw stones at him, attacked and pinned him on the ground.

The incident allegedly prompted Pastorin to get his gun and shoot the man who was "putting some weight" on him, which turned out to be Vasquez, the report said.

Pastorin was allegedly able to escape and call for back-up from the Bacolor Police Station and upon arrival at the scene, they saw Pastorin's car full of dents and scratches.

The victim’s companions, in different media interviews, belied the police report and said they were just outside their house when Pastorin allegedly confronted them for being noisy.

The victim’s companions were his cousins, who also claimed that after their uncle tried to intervene, Pastorin was chased by the victim because the latter allegedly saw the police officer pushing their uncle.

It was then than Pastorin allegedly opened fire and hit Vasquez.

Vasquez was immediately brought to a hospital but was declared dead on arrival by attending doctors.