MOST of the world’s population lives in cities—cities that are made of skyscrapers, characters, traffic and dreams. Living in the metro can be entertaining, as one can meet a lot of people and opportunities are everywhere, but it doesn’t change the fact that urban living can also be chaotically good.

It is chaotic in a way that will test you. The daily grind is a requirement, and there’s no room for quitting in this fast-paced environment. The good thing is, a person’s daily hustle and bustle can strengthen him, and having fun with any challenges is one’s escape. To be an ultimate urbanite is the goal and the city is one’s playground. The question is, “Are you geared enough to play tough?”

With what’s going on right now in the country, Yamaha Motor Philippines understands the need of every Filipino to stay above and sane. Adding the layers of urban living makes it even tougher, but there’s no going back—just moving forward. It is important to have something one can face any challenge with, own a motorcycle that allows one to be functional and express himself with a wide range of extensibility and at the same time, get the value of what it's worth with a machine powered by Yamaha signature technologies. The new Mio Gear has everything one needs to be the top player. Being tough demands preparedness. Whatever humps ahead on the road, one would be cool enough to make it an adventure.

One should prepare himself to keep up with the dynamic ride of life and at the same time, enjoy it fully with the Mio Gear that is crafted for any dare, suited for city flares. The No. 1 Mio Culture has now the latest automatic for everyone so one can complete his gears, savor the metro experience and always get ready to play. SPONSORED CONTENT