“Uhaw” is a Filipino word which means thirsty, but for couple Regina Benavides and Kevin Ceth Bustamante, and with their baby girl, “uhaw” is more than just a word. It is one of their dreams coming true.

With the intent of providing travelers and locals with a place where they could unlock their talents, and experience a momentary detachment from the hustle and bustle over smoothies, coffee, cocktails and comfort food, the young entrepreneurs opened Uhaw Cafe located along Panagsama road in the town of Moalboal, Cebu.

Their love for smoothies led them to open Uhaw Cafe.

“Drinking a glass of smoothie or two has been a huge part of our daily routine. And for those party enthusiasts out there, what’s better than a delicious, refreshing cup of a healthy smoothie after a great evening of partying, right?” Regina happily shared.

It’s like you can start your day with a smoothie, end it with a cocktail and indulge in hearty meals and luscious desserts in between at this cafe.

From a cute little shack that offered smoothies and cocktails to-go to a 20-seater cafe with minimalist interior with a pop of neutral colors, and a tiny stage for those who want to sing their hearts out designed by the owners themselves, Uhaw Cafe expanded its menu and added comfort food and desserts due to popular demand.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur shared that she took inspiration from nature and the beach for the cafe’s design, giving their customers some legit island vibes. They even named one of its best-seller cocktails the Panagsama Sunset, which mimics the colors of the sunset.

Uhaw Cafe is also all about environmental sustainability. It strictly uses rice straws for its drinks, and milk carton boxes for its drinks take-away orders.

Every Saturday, Uhaw holds an acoustic night featuring local artist Naomi Rosales, but on other days, it’s open mic.

“We actually have an open mic set up for anyone who wants to sing while waiting for their orders, or just to chill out and entertain themselves. It makes us happy to see our guests having fun and sharing their talent. Plus, we all know how much Filipinos love to sing,” said Regina.

Uhaw Cafe is a great place to unwind after a whole day of basking in the sun, diving or swimming as it is just a walking distance from the beach.

It is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.