FOR prioritizing health programs for the Angeleño community, particularly the intensive vaccination program and the construction of additional rooms at the Rafael Lazatin Memorial Medical Center, Mayor Carmelo Lazatin Jr. received a certificate of appreciation from a young girl.

Eight-year-old girl Adriana Gabrielle Romero of Barangay Pulungbulu wrote on a certificate of appreciation the effort of Lazatin to add more rooms at the RLMMC, formerly known as Ospital Ning Angeles, which she said “will definitely help the community by not letting badly hurt people to wait a long time for service.”

“It makes the people in the community healthier,” said Romero, who personally delivered the certificate to the mayor.

She also mentioned the vaccination program of the Angeles City Government, citing the significant contribution of Lazatin in “telling companies to vaccinate all of their workers to make them healthy and lower the chance of getting Covid-19.”

Lazatin was moved by the small act of appreciation of Romero, considering it an inspiration to continue efforts in putting first the health and welfare of his kababayans.

“It is priceless,” Lazatin said.

“Kaya naman po makakaasa po ang mga Angeleños na mas lalo tayong magpupursigi sa pagseserbisyo,” Lazatin added.

Romero’s mother, Kathleen Hipolito, a doctor herself, also thanked the City Government for looking out for the welfare of medical frontliners battling Covid-19.

“I salute the constant effort of the local government to make this a better world for our children,” Hipolito said.

Aside from the health programs, Romero also wrote her appreciation for the livelihood projects and peace and order programs of Lazatin.

Romero is a grade 3 student of Immacon Academy in Greenhills. (JTD)