THE National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) has asked Carcar City Mayor Mercedita Apura to avoid putting decorations that obstruct heritage monuments in the city.

In a letter dated Nov. 24, 2021 and signed by NHCP Chairman Dr. Rene Escalante, the commission recommended the relocation of Christmas installations a few meters away from the Jose Rizal and Leon Kilat monuments to preserve their unobstructed view.

“We understand the good intention of the LGU (local government unit) to put Christmas decorations in public places within the city in order to uplift the spirit of the people despite our current situation amidst the pandemic. We suggest, however, to avoid putting decorations near or directly in front of the monuments,” said the NHCP.

For her part, Mayor Apura said she has not received the letter from the NHCP.

When asked by SunStar Cebu on Sunday, Nov. 28, if the City would comply with the NHCP’s recommendation after it would receive the letter, Apura said: “Not necessarily. We will look for (NHCP’s) basis.”

The NHCP, in its letter, also informed Apura that it supports the LGU’s projects, particularly its declaration as a Heritage Zone and has commended the City’s “effort to preserve and promote your heritage sites and structures as our legacy for future generations.”

NHCP’s letter stemmed from a complaint it received from heritage advocate Balbino Guerrero Jr. from Negros who was disgusted with the “desecration of the Monument of Leon Kilat (Marked Monument) in Carcar City.”

“The City had installed a Santa, complete with sleight and reindeers, the deers are blocking the monument of Leon Kilat. The last time I check it go against the NHCP guidelines,” said Guerrero. (LMY)