THE elections are still six months away but already up to a certain degree the cauldron is already boiling. The stakes here are high. There’s even the “Oratio Imperatra’ issued by the Catholic Bishops of the Philipines for the 2022 polls. A prayer seeking Heaven’s intervention for the Filipinos to elect the right leaders. Why not? Trolls throwing mud to the directions of opponents. Folks, it’s politics Philipine style. Let’s present the presidential candidates. Ecstatic maybe at this point is the front running Ferdinand Marcos Jr. aka BBM. He is leading by a mile in the first lap. With Inday Sara Duterte in tandem and four big political parties behind, for sure he is the man to beat.

In the survey, placed second is Vice President Leni Robredo. She is the highest ranking public official who was severely mistreated by the Duterte administration. She is a lawyer and she effectively communicates. She comes clean and was never involved in any shenanigan from the very start of her political career as a member of the lower congress. She has her own kakampinks and are growing in number. I can feel she is the candidate of the millennials. She is inching up slowly but surely. Her followers are insistently saying she is the best argument for a real change.

Isko Moreno Domagoso, a scavenger by his own admission shot to fame when he was discovered by the late master showman German Moreno. His forever smiles and smooth skin which was displayed many times on the celluloid fascinated movie goers. He entered Manila politics big time and now can beat his breast by telling all and sundry that he was the giant slayer who gave the knockout punch to President Joseph Estrada sending the latter to retirement. He is a good and convincing speaker and he is idolized by common folks. But many are saying it’s too early, too soon to move from city hall to the palace. He has to prove himself that he has already what it takes to wage a battle in a presidential level.

What’s up to Manny Pacquiao? He has remarkable story life. Many people are asking. Ano pa ang kaniyang kailangan? Money and fame, he has it. Already embedded with the richest families in our country with close to half billion pesos residence in Forbes Park, the enclave of the rich. From a struggling Kid Kulafu who missed many meals in his younger years he can now employ his own chef and dietician. He is overly ambitious. He became basketball player, recording artist and what have you. He frequently quote bible passages and believes in his heart that it is his destiny to lead our country. Many even believe he is a square peg in a round hole in the senate.

Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson’ story started as a young constabulary officer assigned with Metrocom, an elite unit headed then by General Prospero Olivas. He steadily rose from the rank. The highlight of his career was when he was appointed by then President Joseph Estrada to head the Philippine National Police. Before that, he headed a crime unit and pursued with no let up against the bad elements. He is not without a stain. He was accused of coddling the Kuaratong Baleleng criminal gang which hogged the headlines in the nineties. To his credit though, he is one senator who is against the pork barrel system. He knows that it is one source of corruption. He lags in the survey but he and his partner Senator Tito Sotto are not losing hope.