A MASSEUSE with suspected drug connections died after she was shot by one of the two motorcycle-riding men in Sitio Alaska, Barangay Mambaling on Monday afternoon, Nov. 29, 2021.

Police identified the victim as Pinky Sanchez, 46, a resident of Sitio Puntod, Mambaling.

Witnesses told the police that Sanchez was just walking in Alaska when one of the culprits, the gunman, alighted from the motorcycle and approached her.

The unidentified man then pulled out a pistol and shot Sanchez multiple times, hitting her in the face and body.

The gunman then went back to his cohort and together they escaped on their motorcycle.

Maj. Dindo Alaras, Mambaling police chief, said they have yet to determine the motive behind Sanchez’s murder.

Initial information that reached Alaras was this: Sanchez had allegedly been involved in illegal drugs. This still needs validation though, Alaras said.

Kenneth Sanchez, the victim’s brother, told Superbalita Cebu that the victim had just came from her house to collect some of her belongings as she and her family were transferring to another house before the incident happened.

Sanchez’s brother said he and his family have no idea if his sister had enemies. (JKV)