WHEN the Blessed Virgin Mary says something like “The time is now” and respected Catholic priests, even reputable protestant pastors, are all affirming the currency of the biblical apocalypse, we had better take them seriously. Having survived Covid-19 so far ought to open our eyes to our earthly mortality in an apocalyptic milieu.

It’s not just the historic Covid-19 pandemic that’s hinting strongly about our days. Phone cameras all over the world are capturing unusual disasters and other similar phenomena and with scientists saying many of the events are unprecedented, one cannot just credit those video footages to the ready availability of portable cameras. Collections of such unusual events can be viewed via YouTube.

Meanwhile, the continuing messages from Heaven being received by Catholic mystics are becoming more ominous. In some cases, some warnings are being repeated through more than one mystic in the recent days.

One such repetition was the message conveyed by Our Lord Jesus Christ to mystic Jennifer last November 18. Let us review the pertinent portion of the message that was to be repeated two days later:

“The days of great mourning are coming. Many will not be able to seek My mercy because they do not truly know it. Mothers will yearn for their children and fathers will weep because they will see how they have blindly trusted the author of deception....”

On November 20, 2021, such message seems to have been also touched in the warnings conveyed by the Blessed Mother to stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla. The repetition is in the second paragraph of the entire message as follows:

“Beloved children: THE TIME IS NOW! Into perverse hands you have fallen. The “antidote” is fantasy of a destiny stipulated by Satan and his earthly legions.

“A great part of my white-haired children will disappear little by little, without it being the Will of the Eternal Father. The strings are pulled, the middle-aged ones continue. Sudden unknown sufferings will arise. How my mother’s Heart groans, how I lament everywhere!

“I call you to true, conscious, profound and convinced faith. The conversion of the human creature must happen now, it is urgent for them to discern the right path and not be like the Pharisees, since evil makes use of them to penetrate where it cannot reach on its own.

“People of My Son, beloved of My Immaculate Heart:

“So much fear acquired in worldly life by despising My Son.... This is what makes them act without reflection.

“The People of My Son must pray without leaving the Holy Rosary, without ceasing to receive My Son in the Holy Eucharist, duly prepared with the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

“Whoever does not keep his heart and his actions on the path of Divine Truth, will not be able to see the reality.... They must be converted!

“All have tasks entrusted to them within this People. Woe to those who, having been called to a particular mission, do not accept it seriously, poor are these my children!

“Humility is the crown for this moment, pride is a serpent that turns against those who possess it. Prepare yourselves, beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, pray with the heart:

“Pray children, pray for Germany, you live in pain. Pray children, pray for France, the society rises up and suffers. Pray children, pray for the United States, the pain does not go away. Pray children, pray for Central America, the suffering comes too much.

Pray children, pray for Puerto Rico, its soil is shaking. Pray children, pray for Spain, humanity is judging it.

“Nature rises up wreaking havoc.

“Above human misery and rebellion, as Mother of all men I love you, I keep you within My Immaculate Heart, Ark of Salvation.

“I bless you, I offer you My Motherly Mantle, sheltered by It, you will find great teachings, being the footprints of My Divine Son unveiling the Divine Mercy.

“Do not fear, I am your mother. I love you. My blessing is with each one of you.” (End of quote.)

Blame me for a bit of forgetfulness, but I had failed to share the second part of my column on the prophecies of Canadian mystic Fr. Michel Rodrigue.

I am again sharing the message, not of Fr. Michel, but of St. Gabriel the Archangel as he appeared to him in March this year. The message revolves around the withdrawal of St. Joseph as protector of the Church and the rise of the antichrist.

Here are excerpts of the message of St. Gabriel as quoted by Fr. Michel:

“....Hear my words well. The cup of iniquity is overflowing, and soon a time will come for the Church when the persecution of the righteous will take place. It is by the Will of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit that this year 2021 has been proclaimed by Pope Francis the year of Saint Joseph. A great blessing of protection has been offered to you.

“During this year you will be forced to make a choice. What presents itself as a vaccine-savior is just an illusion. Soon the mark of the Beast will be imposed on you to buy, to eat or to travel. The year 2021 is a year of discernment for those who want to be faithful to Christ. To all those who wish to follow Christ, Saint Joseph will assist you. But he must withdraw discreetly on December 8.

“By that time, and it has already started, all those who reject Christ find themselves entering into a force of delusion that makes them believe a lie. A social and planetary lie organized and prepared by the acolytes of the antichrist. They form a false Church which is indeed the social body of the antichrist. They are the ones who rule by fear, domination, by communist and socialist ideologies. They are manipulating for a false universal brotherhood. They have infiltrated the Church of Christ with a view to disfiguring it and desecrating its sacraments. Everything falls into place. Until December 8, these evil acolytes organize themselves through the media and create a climate of suspicion, fear and denunciation.

“They must prepare for the coming of the Unholy by organizing a world order where division and confusion will reign to the detriment of the Truth of the teaching of the Church. Scandals and accusations will hit the Church everywhere. Movements that deny men and women will become the new judges of this social lie. Conflicts will arise in families arguing the need for vaccines and the Mark of the Beast. Conflicts between nations will come to such a point that everything will seem hopeless. Hearts will cool, consciences will be bound and darkened by the sin that has pervaded everywhere.

“Even though the antichrist’s tares seem to suffocate the righteous and the saints, giving the impression of the death of God and the end of the Catholic Church, all of this is only an appearance. When Saint Joseph retires, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will begin the beginnings of the triumph of her Immaculate Heart for her children and for the Church. The Church will go through the pains of a purification where the Virgin Mary will accompany her as Mother of sorrows. Some of her children will be martyrs, they will wear the palm of the Victory of Christ on the day of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. At the time when the antichrist will appear, the time of the refuges prepared by the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the very pure heart of Saint Joseph will sound. The Refuges are the work of the three and a half years announced in the Book of Revelation. They are the work of God.

“Small herd do not be afraid. Look with the eyes of faith, hope and love. The shelters are under the special protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This is how her Immaculate Heart wanted it. Can you not now see the work of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph? Everything you need to know has been said. Live in confidence to accomplish his Divine Will and repeat this prayer often: Jesus, I trust in you!”