THE pandemic limited my contribution to joining activities related to the AdDU-Center Against Illegal (Caid) drugs and City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (Cadac) community-based rehabilitation. Sad, but since last year, I was limited to providing talks about substance abuse effects and their prevention.

And so, I cannot just not be excited to know about the latest activities of both the Caid and Cadac. By chance, I spoke to Ronald Rivera, the technical adviser of the Cadac, and he shared its plan to widen assistance to Davao City drug reformists. It is indeed overwhelming to know its continuous active service to drug reformists even during the pandemic.

Recently, Cadac has been working with the request of Zonta Village and then Purok 1A residents in Tibungco for a drug-free "purok-based" policy. I have learned that the initiative started with the request from the vice president of its homeowners after attending one of the Drug-Free Workplace Training in Davao City. He was one of the Christian Children's Fund (CCC) beneficiaries. CCC is an NGO managed by Dr. Corazon Umblero, now the current director of the UIC CDS and Zonta Village manager.

Good that the PDEA, Punong Barangay Merjade deles Calvo, DCPO Station Commander, and others realized the need to craft a drug-free policy for a village, like in Zonta. With this, I think that institutionalizing a village-based approach will be best fitted for areas hard to reach by the barangay office due to its far distance. Drug reformists may easily be served, and concerns are ultimately prioritized, and given action. Oh, I guess this is a new direction for the CADAC as a drug clearing program. With the policy, I believe that promoting no to illegal drugs, preventing illicit drugs, and restoring drug reformists' clean life will be more possible.

I am sure that the AdDU Caid-Healing and Recovery for Drug Surrenderers (Herds) is truly excited to assist the Cadac in its implementation, considering that Purok 1A is under Barangay 76-A as one of their partner barangays. I am truly grateful that the Herds has been active in promoting drug-free communities for the past five years. And I just cannot imagine how drug reformists will have a better and safer life without Cadac and the participating higher educational units serving them. Yes, they all work together to redefine the lives of drug reformists. Ahh, if I were to create a world free from drugs, I would also think about, beginning from a few towards the many.