LOOKING for some answers? In need of guidance? Asking yourself “Ano ang kapalaran ko today?” Netflix hears you. Madame N sees you.

Starting November 29, NetflixPH’s YouTube channel launches Madame N, a reco show where a fortune teller shares what’s next for her viewers with quickfire, tongue-in-cheek horoscopes—and the titles they should watch. Comedienne and radio jock Nicki Morena as Madame N will give answers, provide guidance, and show what the stars possibly have planned for the important aspects in your life: love and relationships, family, health, career and finance, education, and travel.


Each episode will start off with a typical horoscope theme that guides each zodiac prediction and Netflix title discussion.

Nov 29 - Ep 1 Theme: Love & Relationships

Title recos: Romance/Drama, Romance/Comedy, Buddy Movies

Dec 6 - Ep 2 Theme: Family

Title recos: Family Content

Dec 13 - Ep 3 Theme: Health

Title recos: Medical Drama/Comedy, Psychological Thriller, Horror, Feel-good/Good for the heart Titles

Dec 20 - Ep 4 Theme: Career / Finance

Title recos: Career and Money Motivation Titles

Jan 3 - Ep 5 Theme: Education

Title recos: Educational shows in and out of school

Jan 10 - Ep 6 Theme: Travel

Title recos: Destination movies/series, Sci-Fi

Because this fortune teller is never wrong—and if she is, she's not above saying sorry. Madame N will see you now. (PR)