THIS NBA superstar has got to be the most exciting player to watch on the court in this generation. The baby-faced assassin continues to surprise basketball fans with what he can do with a basketball. Yes, Stephen Curry sustains his greatness by breaking records (mostly of his own) and surpassing rankings of other greats like Wilt Chamberlain on the franchise's all-time scoring record. And just recently, he passed Scottie Pippen on NBA's all-time scoring list.

The Golden State Warriors are currently the top team in the league in standing, and arenas are jampacked wherever they play. With their razzle-dazzle exciting plays giving the audiences some oohs and aahs for 48 minutes, it’s no wonder they are one of the most sought after in team sports. And the catalyst on this dynamic organization is their star player, the two-time MVP and the three-time champion, Stephen Curry, who is widely considered as the greatest shooter of all time.

Steph is a scoring machine and when he decides to take over the game, he’s like a possessed monster in a point guard frame on hardcourt. From his casual rainbow shots from halfcourt or the team logo to his wild layups and leftie finishes, not to mention his exceptional playmaking ability and no-look assists, it’s safe to say that the offensive ability of player number 30 is a rarity. And while it’s hard to question his scoring skills, Steph is now also being praised for his defensive aptness. And this additional prowess just appends to the greatness and high IQ of Steph Curry as a basketball player.

But aside from these outstanding qualities as an athlete, one remarkable trait of Steph that is really special is his attitude toward the sport and his colleagues. He never gets tired of supporting his teammates, jumping and punching in the air for every goal, for every defensive stop or highlight reel they make. He makes his teammates better and make them feel comfortable on the court. And this is why GSW is so fun to watch. Did I mention the fact that they are not even a super team unlike what LeBron has been doing in his career?

And what’s scary for the other teams right now is that Steph’s splash brother, Klay Thompson is yet to play this season but he will... soon! So, move over, LeBron. Stop stacking superstars on your team. Steph is still the face of the NBA.


Kuya J Pelayo IV is a Kapampangan broadcast journalist. For comments and suggestions, email at