I WAS gifted a book that inspires me no end. It is titled “Unstoppable.”

Since no school prepares us for marriage, I recommend the book for those who are on the lookout for a spouse. Ironically, there is not a single subject in the academe that prepares a person to assume family life.

“Observe red flags. Stay away from toxic relationships and friendships as soon as you see manipulation and control. When it comes to marriage, don’t settle. Meaning that you don’t ignore the admonition that others have detected about the person.” If companies employ credit investigators to avoid bad creditors, the more should a single person take extra care in accepting a prospective life partner.

“Allow family members and relatives, friends and well-meaning persons in your life to give you feedback on the potential persons you’re dating or courting, considering for marriage.” If only for the valuable advice, this book is a must-read for those who are on the lookout for a wife/husband. This comes from the lead article by Jackie Lansangan-Morey.

Wait, there’s more – I find the article, The Piano, interesting. This is the autobiography of a 5-year-old girl who received a birthday gift – yes a Piano which reinforced her belief that – she was loved and she was special.

The love and warmth of her family were some of her blessings. As early as first grade, she knew that she would be a lawyer. She is a born leader – a student leader who stands out in both her studies and curricular activities.

It seemed that she was leading a charmed life. So, it seemed. His father, associated with President Ferdinand Marcos, lost for the first time after the 1986 revolt. She almost abandoned her law course to help her parents financially. Her self-esteem was affected but she plodded on and finish her course. During this difficult phase of her life, she came to know her true friends.

She passed the bar with flying colors. She served under several justices of the Supreme Court from Justices Abraham F. Sarmiento, Florante Ruth P. Romero and Jose C. Campos.

Her most two important decisions in life were her marriage to Edward John T. Reyes and her appointment to the Judiciary. Largely thru these milestones, she regained her self-esteem and proclaimed: “I am blessed”. Indeed, she is.

“The greater blessing is in the knowing and understanding what my gifts are and for what purpose to serve them”, she says with conviction.

Where is the piano? “Her parents have long gone but the piano is still there and continues to stir excitement whenever the family gathers for a reunion. x x x it reminds us of memories of a happy life from years gone by.”

The piano is life. A meaningful life starts with self-confidence. The piano enriched and touched her life. The piano brings life through its music. It is a witness to triumphs and trials. The Piano evokes memories worth remembering. The Piano in this book is immortalized. The 5-year-old girl became a lady magistrate, Judge Maria Amifaith S. Fider-Reyes of the Regional Trial Court of San Fernando, Pampanga.

We are grateful that the University of the Philippine Integrated School (High School) Class of 1979 undertook a worthy collaborative project of publishing this wonderful book. This will outlast all of us. The other 12 authors (members of UPIS 1979) in this book deserve our profound gratitude.