SILICON Valley-based Axiado Corporation has announced the closing of an oversubscribed Series B funding at $25 million, following robust product development with strategic partners.

The round was led by a private investor and business tycoon Dennis Anthony H. Uy and Series A investor Orbit Venture Partners, and supplemented by a group of individual investors, including Dave Welch, Founder of Infinera, and Dick Kramlich, Chairman Emeritus of New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and General Partner of Green Bay Ventures.

“Axiado’s Trusted Control/Compute Unit (TCUTM) is a new category of processors dedicated for security, and a novel, silicon-based approach to managing critical boot- and run-time security across the entire connected infrastructure. This Series B funding reflects the support from our investors and customers, and it provides Axiado with the runway to launch the TCUTM in the market to address the growing problem of ransomware and cyberattacks,” Dave Welch Axiado’s Chairman of the Board said.

Axiado is an artificial intelligence-driven hardware security company.


Axiado Corporation also announced the appointment of Uy to its Board of Directors.

Uy is the founder and chief executive officer of Converge based in the Philippines. His vision on building strong technology foundations for nationwide infrastructures and his strategic investments in leading-edge innovation has led to the successful introduction of new technologies in the Philippines, including full-fiber optic networks, fiber-to-the-building solutions, and minimally-invasive micro-trenching installations.

“Axiado’s TCUTM is a key part of the strong technological foundation that will make data centers in the Philippines safer and more resilient as we build gateways from the United States to an interconnected Asia,” Uy said.

Axiado’s Chief Executive Officer Gopi Sirineni says that Series B funding marks also the success of the company’s other strategic partnerships.

“These partnerships are crucial in helping us to refine the product and to achieve a dynamic product-market fit in the cloud-first markets," Sirineni said.


"Axiado's attention to the control and management plane highlights the critical role it plays in a comprehensive cybersecurity architecture," Dattatri Mattur, Head of Hardware Engineering of Cisco’s Cloud and Computing Group, said.

Derek Chamorro, Security Architect at Cloudflare elaborated, “The cybersecurity industry needs an attestation solution that is server vendor-agnostic and works across the entire cloud infrastructure that is dispersed to multiple locations. Axiado is addressing both of these points."

"As a foundational technology and software security solutions provider who has worked closely with silicon companies in this space, we look forward to enabling the features Axiado is bringing to the market," Sanjoy Maity, Chief Executive Officer at AMI said.

Axiado Corporation is a security processor company redefining hardware root of trust with hardware-based security technologies, including per-system AI.

Its solution with Secure VaultTM boot system and Secure AITM engine solution eliminates breaches at the perimeter of existing cloud infrastructures and networks. The company was founded in San José, California, in 2017.