Bazi is a destiny reading discipline utilizing your birth date and birth time. Decoding one’s BaZi can lead to clarity in making a decision, understanding yourself better and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

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Yang Wood Day Master

Just take it easy and catch a breather every now and then throughout the month. If you’re required to commit to something, analyze the tasks needed of you first before accepting so you know full well what you’re signing up for. And for single women out there, it looks like a Christmas romance might be in store for you, as long as you take the leap and put yourself out there.

Yin Wood Day Master

There will be lucrative offers and irresistible proposals but before you jump in on them, make sure to review all the terms and conditions first. If you need to sign contracts and other legal documents, read all the fine print. Not having a backup plan might end up being detrimental for you in the long run. Also, don’t overstress yourself out this month.

Yang Fire Day Master

You’re in for a genuine Christmas treat as financial blessings are bound to come your way this month. Your windfall might come from either high yield on your stock or crypto investments, your inheritance portion from the sale of family-owned assets, or could just simply come as a cash Christmas present from a valued friend or colleague.

Yin Fire Day Master

Feel free to enjoy your cash haul this month, especially if you spend on some little, luxurious treats for you and your loved ones. Just see to it that you save or re-invest a bulk of your financial gifts so that you can be well equipped to handle anything in the coming year. If you’re a single male, go out to mingle with friends and new acquaintances because a prospective new relationship might be what you’ll open up this Christmas.

Yang Earth Day Master

You may have wanted to let your creative juices out a while back but are too afraid of others’ feedback. Well, now there’s no need for you to fear because you will be making great work that a lot of people will appreciate. Whatever your creative passions are, unleash them and show them for your family and friends to enjoy.

Yin Earth Day Master

You will be taking command of various activities, and these could turn out to be profitable for you as you engage the crowds and rally them to support your cause. Pay careful attention, however, to how you’re handling yourself in these gatherings as you could end up becoming too consumed by the spotlight that you end up arguing with others who don’t see the same viewpoints as you.

Yang Metal Day Master

Expect Christmas gatherings this year to be a lot more frequent and jovial compared to last year’s. Good thing you will be feeling your most sociable self this time as exciting outcomes could result for you from these gatherings. So go and make merry with friends, family, and colleagues, but do still practice social distancing measures.

Yin Metal Day Master

Whatever goal you have in mind, make sure to associate with people not just on a business level, but on an emotional level, too, so that you can solidify these new business relationships better. And while you’re at it, go ahead and enjoy some more casual Christmas festivities or year-ender parties, too, because you’ll never know who you might end up meeting.

Yang Water Day Master

December is going to be an auspicious time for you to learn new things, particularly those that involve non-academic schools of thought. This pertains to learning more about the esoteric, high art or metaphysical. Sign up for online classes or attend in-person workshops in your city with subjects revolving around these and you could end up benefiting yourself in the long-term.

Yin Water Day Master

One of the best gifts you could give yourself this Christmas would be to level up your education once more. Enrolling in classes that help you develop your skills will be to your utmost advantage this time. Go ahead and register online or at a nearby school because nothing gives you a bigger advantage in welcoming the new year than by leveling up your skills and educational foundation.