THERE is urgency in taking presidential elections in the Philippines next year in a more spiritual light. It will happen (perhaps?) in an era that mystics warn to be within the scope of the biblical antichrist. Indeed, Canadian mystic Fr. Michel Rodrigue said that as early as this coming December 8, feast of the Immaculate Concepcion, St. Joseph would withdraw his protection of the Church against the antichrist.

And then the time of tribulation, one that will push so many to such despair as to blame God, would ensue, right in time for the presidential elections. The battle between good and evil will be of such magnitude as to embroil the corporeal- the earth and us on it.

Satan must have his favorites among presidential and other candidates next year, somebody who would make his mission to destroy both the Church and humanity easier (a president who would readily bow down to imposing the mark of the beast?)

Only a president who is spiritually strong and fortified with extraordinary faith in traditional God can weather the deceitful onslaught of the coming years. By the account of mystics, the near future will be most difficult, putting to the backburner the horror of the Deluge.

There seems to be one presidential candidate fitting such description. This candidate is known to keep self in a state of grace. This says tons of this person’s strength and wisdom.

We can reflect on what the next president will face based on what credible mystics are communicating to us about the near, near future, amid events now actually happening after they were prophesied only a few weeks past.

In this light, let me share what Our Lord Jesus told mystic Gisella Cardia on November 27, 2021. In this message Our Lord also cited the incredible joyful world that will emerge from the tribulations, that prophecy in Fatima in 1917 about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

“My children, how beautiful it is to see you gathered here as one family. My daughter, disaster has not yet reached its completion for this humanity. Do not let yourselves be seized by evil: do not fall into this wicked net. I am with you, as I promised, and I always keep My promises. I Am Who I Am: I Am.

“My daughter, I know — I know how many pains and how many disappointments you are experiencing, how many people are turning away; but you should let Me be the judge. Have pity on them. So many will be chosen, especially among those you do not expect: I will leave them in the tribulation until they are completely purified, and if they accept Me, they will come to Me. But do not worry; allow things to happen this way.

“My children, this is what was going to happen, and when I asked you to remain united, you did not understand. I want to see My people close to each other, families being born, young people loving each other. O, my children! Who is my mother, who are my sisters? You should be the fathers, mothers, children and sisters of my people. I am a Father and Son; so must you be, walking in imitation of Me.

“My children, the powerful have united in order to bring war, not peace. Always remember these words. Do not be deceived; I counsel you to resist and to take care of each other. I love you with all the love I have within, but I ask you to do penance. Do penance for My Church, do penance for those who have turned away and who no longer acknowledge God: do so one day a week if you want desire, but do penance.

“My children, there is no longer anything that you will miss in this world and you cannot imagine what I have prepared for you. Everything will be marvellous, with such joy, without pain, and with great love. Let us leave slander to this world; [there should] only be words of love for Me and from Me to you. The elect will be taken and brought to where I have already prepared their world, but some will be obliged to remain on earth, so that everything may begin anew with My help.

“O, my beloved children, my brothers and sisters, if you only knew how great My love is for you. Yet in spite of everything, My heart continues to drip with blood; My heart and that of My Mother feel great sorrow over this earth and this humanity. I will be with you and will bless you one by one. My daughter, with My Mother’s tears, make the sign of the cross over each person so that they would be protected. Amen. Take peace to your children in your homes. Take My peace. Now I bless you in the name of the Father, in my Most Holy Name, and in that of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Also to Gisella, our Blessed Mother said on November 30, 2021:

“My children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts. Dear children, the pain of my heart is growing ever stronger because of what is coming.

“The Wrath of God can no longer be stopped because, after the time that you have had at your disposal, many still do not convert. Take the opportunity now to return to God.

“My children, pray for America, which will pay a high price; it has rejected God and turned its back on Him, despite my constant appeals. A very strong earthquake will be felt everywhere.

“Children, pray for the Bishop of Rome, for when he returns from a journey, he will weep over all that will happen. These tormented times should not lead you away from prayer, but rather strengthen it; I ask this as a Mother to her children. Now I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.” (End of quote.)

Pope Francis, as of this writing is visiting Greece. A visionary of Garabandal, Spain also said that the pope would go abroad and arrive at a troubled Vatican, but this visionary referred to a trip to Russia, not Greece.