THE coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic has opened up opportunities for non-sellers to become entrepreneurs.

This is the advantage created by the pandemic because people learn to discover their other capabilities and strengths to help them survive economically, and entrepreneurship became their way.

Artist Jojo Vito and his online selling partners Ben Susvilla and Lera del Rosario, or her incognito online name Ortega Plantita Lei, collaborated to put up an online show wherein they can sell their plants along with the pots he created.

Their maiden try was during the anniversary of our national hero Andres Bonifacio on November 30 wherein they were in their Filipino-themed costume. They were known in their selling line: "Pa mine lang, please. SS (Screenshot) lang, please."

Susvilla is a school teacher who got also affected by the lack of opportunities during the pandemic and since he is confident in speaking well online, he gave himself a try.

His new penchant for live-selling plants allowed him to meet his online partner.

Lei likewise had the determination and humor, be it in or out of live streaming shows.

Both of them don't have the experience in selling, but they tried their best and are now doing well in their efforts.

Before the pandemic, people had less penchant for plants, flowers, and ornaments to adorn and decorate their houses and gardens.

It can be recalled that Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of Senator Manny Pacquiao, posted about her “expensive” variegated alocasia plant, also known as the elephant ear, which went viral.

That has become a trigger for others to go and become "Plantito and Plantita" themselves.

Ben and Lei found this opportunity to start their collaboration and currently collaborated with Jojo Vito, who made elegant pots.

Vito has his own thriving business as a MassKara masks designer and maker but because the staging of the Masskara festival has stopped for two years now, he ventured on a new enterprise, which is making designer pots that many plant lovers got enticed to have their own Jojo Vito flower pots.

With this, Vito also provided jobs to some local artists who helped him develop these colorful pots.

Vito was right in reinventing himself by starting this new endeavor.

Vito was happy that he met Ben and Lei, who are very enthusiastic individuals. They spread positive vibes.