ALMOST 100 percent of the police personnel in Davao region are vaccinated, with only 68 left unvaccinated, according to Philippine National Police-Police Regional Office (PRO)-Davao.

In a virtual press conference on December 8, Major Eudisan Gultiano, spokesperson of PRO-Davao, said 68 of the 9,639 police personnel are unvaccinated due to medical reasons, while some refuse due to their strong religious beliefs.

He said 18 of 68 personnel are unvaccinated due to religious beliefs, while one did not provide a reason as to why they are unvaccinated.

Gultiano did not specify which religious groups the personnels belong to, but she clarified that the regional medical team of PRO-Davao is continuously encouraging the remaining personnel to get vaccinated.

Unvaccinated personnel will be reassigned to administrative work and cannot be deployed in the field, Gultiano said.

“Initially nagkaroon ang PNP chief ng statement na ‘no vaccine, no work’ policy but later yun na nga, reassign ang mga personnel na unvaccinated,” she said.

Although not yet implemented, Guiltiano said the “no vaccine, no work” policy could lead to administrative charges against the unvaccinated personnel.

“If we are going to implement the policy, macoconsider na Awol ang personnel, sa Awol may administrative charge. So possible na makakasuhan sila administratively.”

However, the said policy may exempt individuals with special cases such as health reasons, allergies, and pregnant personnel.

At present, PRO-Davao has two active cases and 1,404 recoveries out of 1,409 confirmed cases.

“So 0.02 percent ang active case natin sa personnel sa PRO 11,” said Gultiano.