Splat offers up to 21 percent off on products on ‘12.12’

Splat offers up to 21 percent off on products on ‘12.12’

SPLAT has been ethically and scientifically developing professional oral care solutions for the whole family for more than 20 years. A global pioneer in natural oral care, Splat is currently present in 70 European and Asian countries.

Splat is a family-run business that strives to create the very best products that will provide healthy oral care solutions and will promote some happiness around the world, one smile at a time.

The brand is finally in the Philippines and one can get its products for up to 21 percent off this December exclusively at Watsons stores or online at Watsons Lazada and Shopee or ShopSM.

Every product developed in the Splat laboratory is targeted at the most effective solution of various oral care-related tasks. To achieve the highest efficacy of each product, Splat collaborated with leading dentists and specialized institutes of the whole world.

One should go for Splat toothpastes that use natural antibacterial agents and ingredients for gentle teeth whitening. Splat’s toothpastes, mouthwashes and foams contain natural ingredients, essential oils and medicinal plant extracts.

Splat toothpastes don’t contain sodium laureth sulfate, triclosan, chlorhexidine, aluminum lactate, peroxide, petroleum-derived products, synthetic antiseptic agents, sodium lauryl sulfate and saccharinate. These are ingredients that could potentially harm humans, animals and the planet.

Kids can get the gift of healthy teeth and gums with Splat Kids Natural Toothpaste in strawberry-sherry and fruit ice cream flavors, which make brushing fun for kids. The natural toothpaste is hypoallergenic and safe if accidentally swallowed.

All Splat Bio-Active Toothpastes of Professional series contain patented SP. White System® to ensure safe whitening.

Each product is specifically aimed at a certain oral problem; therefore, one can easily find a product, satisfying his special hygienic requirements.

The Splat Professional White Plus Toothpaste with rounded polishing particles in combination with PVP whitening component and natural papaya enzymes noticeably whiten tooth enamel, break up dental plaque in hard-to-reach places and make tooth surface perfectly smooth and white. This is a perfect choice for coffee and tea lovers.

The Splat Professional Sensitive White Toothpaste with hydroxyapatite and natural enzyme system

effectively break up the dental plaque and reduce sensitivity.

The Splat Professional Biocalcium Toothpaste restores enamel and reduces tooth sensitivity. Bioactive calcium, obtained from eggshell and hydroxyapatite, is a building component of tooth enamel. High content of these ingredients makes it possible to strengthen enamel and reduce hypersensitivity.

The Splat Professional Medical Herbs emerald-colored gel toothpaste contains extracts of sage, chamomile and hawthorn for effective gum and teeth care. Calcium obtained from eggshell accelerates mineralization and strengthens enamel.

The Splat Professional Lavendersept toothpaste with bioactive calcium reduces tooth hypersensitivity. Lavender, rosemary and thyme essential oils promote healthy gums. Papain natural enzyme gently whitens and polishes enamel to a shiny white.

The Splat Green Tea toothpaste containing green tea extracts, sage and chamomile, has a soothing effect on gums. Natural pearl contains calcium which strengthens teeth.

One can enjoy discounts of up to 21 percent this December exclusively at Watsons stores or online at Watsons on Lazada and Shopee or ShopSM.

The best natural high-quality toothpastes, such as the bestselling Splat Professional White Plus Toothpaste and the Professional Sensitive White Toothpaste will be available at discounted prices only for this month at only P149 and P148 for 50mL Kids toothpaste with even more discounts on 12.12.

That's not all. One can get cash rebates and further discounts when he buys selected Splat toothpastes from Lazada and Shopee on 12.12 from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m.

The Splat Kids Natural Toothpaste in Fruit Ice-Cream flavor (50mL) will be available for P138 with a P47 rebate. One can get the Splat Professional Biocalcium Enamel Restoration and Safe Whitening, Splat Professional White Plus, Splat Professional Maximum and Splat Professional Lavendersept for P139 with a P50 rebate.

In the Philippines, Splat is exclusively distributed by ABGPH Corp. and is now available exclusively at selected Watsons online and offline. SPONSORED CONTENT


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