THE gestures of the Duterte father and daughter smack of insatiable lust for power: the father aims for a Senate seat while the hele hele bago quiere daughter acted like a political prima donna before electing to be a vice presidential candidate. What if their ambitions to hold these national positions are strongly frustrated at the polls. Mapapahiya sila, of course.

The act of this tandem is a classic example of procrastination to the highest degree. They really make sure they are a cinch to achieve what they plan for. They are unequivocally a different breed of trapos.

And their supporters and followers? They are all awe-struck and blind for various reasons. They will jump from a multi-story building but with a condition: they'll ask which floor they would jump from! He he.


Politicians are a rare breed. They are accustomed to make promises and dare to make pledges and commitments they are sure to fulfill.

With the present line-up of presidentiables and vice presidentiables, we have a wide range of electables, but this time, we might ponder on our choices slowly and deliberately. It will be a hard choice as our already bleak outlook needs to be cleared and spruced up.


In several instances, Fiesta Communities Tabun Mabalacat City Homeowners Association Inc., sought the approval of the barangay officials headed by Barangay Tabun chairman Danilo de Leon and the LGU for them to allow the holding of an election for the new set of Board of Directors.

While awaiting the much-needed approvals, plus that of the local IATF, the current Board has prepared for the said elections through its HOA Comelec chaired by Jovelyn Salazar who has finalized the rules and guidelines for the eventual holding of an election of the new set of Board of Directors of the Association.

One line-up of BODs was furnished this writer and it reads as follows: Dennis J. dela Cruz, Emmanuel P. Limpin, Rodolfo D. Monis, Jr., Cesar M. Pangan II, Joey L. Feliciano, Angelina A. Rodriguez, Jhenphay Agrano, Leny Velasquez, Danilo Manarang and Randy Casavant.

I have yet to see the line-up of the other factions.