STIGMATIST mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla, some of whose prophecies have been occurring with amazing accuracy, has been receiving messages from Heaven one after the other in recent days. I just feel I should not waste space and share them immediately.

Again, please say a brief prayer for courage and wisdom, as the messages contain dire prophecies.

St. Michael the Archangel told Luz de Maria last Dec. 6 as follows (truncated):

“Children of Our King, I see that some of you are very confused: others are very sure of themselves, while others are mocking the warnings of the Father’s House.

“You have not yet understood that it is necessary for you to maintain a permanent state of peace. The Devil is upon you like a roaring lion, People of God.

“Prepare yourselves. Do not forget, prepare yourselves!

“Our beloved land of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be strongly shaken. If these people pray with strength, love and faith, they will be heard and the damage will be minimized. Prayers must be governed by Faith and the proper state of Grace of all who pray.

“I wish to ask a greater number of people within humanity to pray.

“Central America is being scourged, its soil shaken. These Christian lands have been taken over by communism; they have been served on a platter by their rulers, by those who, as stewards of evil, are preparing to offer souls as spoils to the Antichrist.

“Be firm, People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, with no lukewarmness at this time. Examine yourselves conscientiously: this is how you must prepare yourselves, leaving behind the rags that you are carrying and which prevent you from ascending spiritually.

“Evil keeps you attracted to worldliness and it is vital that you do not allow yourselves to be seduced by diabolical trickery.

“Set out now on the path to which each one of you has been called within what has been entrusted to you, without wasting time, which is running out.

“Darkness is coming!

“Pay attention, darkness will come to Earth without your expecting it. Spiritual preparation is necessary: look within yourselves - How are you acting? How is your character? Is your thinking correct or are you dominated by evil desires towards your fellow men which lead you to envy and a lack of charity?

“You must learn to forgive yourselves and to forgive your neighbor. Do not judge: leave judgment to God.

“Change your lives; do not indulge in improper desires that lead you away from Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and Our Queen and Mother of the End Times.

“As prince of the heavenly legions, I come with truth in my mouth. I do not come to alarm you, nor to make you worried or anxious. I do not wish to frighten you, but on the contrary, I ask you: Why are you frightened if you live doing good? How is it that the children of God, who work and act for good, are alarmed at revealed Truth?

“You are the children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, those who live in the shadow of their Lord. Fearing neither day nor night because they remain securely under divine protection.

“Who does not wish to know the Truth of what coming in order to prepare?

“Fear is normal for man, although it is the children of God’s task to diminish fear towards the things of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ described in the book of Revelation. Humanity is called to trust more in the Most Holy Trinity and Our Queen and Mother and less in itself.”

(Here, St. Michael asks for prayers particularly for Indonesia, the Balkans, Mexico, and the United States.)

“You are being taken from one place to another, from one setback to the next as regards health, and there is panic:

“Where is Faith, where is ‘I believe in You Lord’? Where is Faith in the protection of Our Queen and Mother and the protection of the Angelic Choirs?

“Onward, People of God, onward! You will never be forsaken. My legions are covering you. Do not fear.”

Also from St. Michael, Luz de Maria received the following message last December 11. The Archangel was referring to the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

“People of Our Queen, this feast day of Your Queen and Mother is at the same time a day of Advent. During Advent, the People of Our King and Lord prepare themselves and the People of your Queen and Mother prepare themselves.

“The Son is not without the Mother; the Mother is not without the Son.

“It is during this time of waiting that the People of the Son are held by the Hand of the Son’s Mother, as a refuge of Salvation.

“How many people rest in the protection of the Maternal Mantle, the Mantle that covered Our King and Lord Jesus Christ!

“I call you to present your whole being to your Queen and Mother so that she might keep you clean faced by the insinuations of the devil.

“Without declining in Faith, as a faithful People, being faithful children of your Queen and Mother, heed the multiple calls that you receive and strengthen your hope of a better tomorrow, where peace will be your food and Divine Love the sun that continually enlightens you.”

Also last December 11, the Blessed Mother Mary, also referring to her feast as Our Lady Of Guadalupe, gave Luz de Maria another message as follows:

“Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: Come to my Son. He awaits you with infinite love.

“On this date when so many of My children come to Me, I ask you to remain faithful to My Son, being better children all the time, remaining faithful to the true Magisterium of the Church of My Son.

“Beloved children, prepare the refuges requested of you by My Son, as well as the homes consecrated to Our Sacred Hearts to be refuges for those who dwell there. You must preserve what is necessary in order to subsist, without falling into confusion, always having peace in your hearts, for Our Sacred Hearts are the refuge where you must keep yourselves duly prepared as temples of the Holy Spirit.

“Prepare yourselves - those of you who cannot gather what you know to be materially necessary should rest assured that My Son will send you what you need in order to subsist. Faith is indispensable on the paths of My Son and even more so when humanity sees some darkness in everything it experiences.

“Children, do not be confused; do not allow any mistrust towards Divine Protection or My Protection to enter into you; do not doubt that My beloved St. Michael the Archangel remains permanently over the People of My Son.

“Pray, children, pray with deep Faith. Do not falter: be aware of what is happening so that you might pray about it, and may My children minister to one another.

“This generation is experiencing what others of their generation have not experienced, causing themselves more pain and greater loneliness.

“Rejecting My Son, it is difficult for them to understand the Divine Ways: their ears are closed, their eyes do not see and their minds deny everything, leading them to enter into despair and uneasiness, into seemingly endless winter.

“Come back, little children. Come to my Son who is waiting for your. Come to His mother.

“Without doubting my Maternal Love, with confidence in this Mother, give Me your hand and advance with a light and sure step.

“Beloved People: You do not stand alone, you do not stand alone, you do not stand alone. I bless you, I love you. Do not be afraid.”