NOW that the government health authorities have reported two cases of the Corona Virus-19 Omicron variant in the country, we can say that the fight against the pandemic is not over yet. Humans still have to win the arduous battle so that there will come the time that no one will be infected, get sick or die with the deadly virus.

The virus is continuously mutating, developing new strains, arming, improving and developing itself, thus we too have to make some defensive moves to be at par with the war against pandemic. While certain government restrictions and protocols were relaxed, it is not over yet. Hopefully the situation, worse than what we have already experienced, shall not come.

Because the threat is still extant, we have to be reminded again of the measures we need to observe until today. Despite the fact that governments around the world are easing restrictions, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet declared the world as Covid-free, hence, we have not yet attained a free status from the threat.

Despite this, it seems that we are back to the pre-pandemic stage where the social distancing protocol, as the foremost important protocol, is violated. For several weeks now, the two giant malls in the City of San Fernando and other malls in Angeles City have been filled with great crowds of people roaming and doing their Christmas shopping sprees. Fast food and restaurants are likewise filled with their customers even in groups.

We cannot blame people for this, and the rush brought by the Yuletide. Somehow, people should be reminded again and again that the word is yet to be declared Covid-free and that the threat is still present.

Next are the mini-theme parks that are getting popular these days. Usually, these parks are opened at dusk since they showcase various colorful lights that are aplenty during this festive season. They are sometimes complemented by food kiosks and bazaars. These parks, with the various attractions they showcase, are likewise bloated with people who sometimes forget about the measures that we still need to apply.

The Christmas rush is real. Traffic jams are inevitable even if it is not yet rush hour. These are signs that we are going back to the normal days when the pandemic is not even familiar with people. The good side of this on the other hand, is the fact that the rush is an indicator of economic activities. The latter is a signal that we are bouncing back from the devastating effect of the virus which has affected the lives and activities of people.


A few days from now will be Christmas. I wish everyone a meaningful celebration of Christ's birth.


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