Christmas ham hacks with drinks, post-Odette

Christmas ham hacks with drinks, post-Odette

Cebu is currently reeling from the impact of Typhoon Odette (International name: Rai) that hit the island in the Pacific on Dec. 16, 2021. Today is the first Monday after Christmas! If all is well, one might have some leftover ham over the holidays!

Here are some quick hacks for ham leftovers, should one decide on sparking joy in the household through having hearty meals in the midst of adversity.

Beer: Conserve Water, Use Beer

Sourcing water has been a challenge these days. Drinking water is rare. In a funny post, some beer aficionados have challenged their friends online to “Save Water, Drink Beer.”

While this may be a tempting thought, most especially when the power’s back and refrigerators are back to cooling drinks, it is advisable to skip alcohol as this dehydrates the body more leaving people thirsting for more water.

So for the leftover ham? Try cooking it in beer! Craft beer to be exact, which will leave a distinct flavor. Add some chunks of carrot, onions and black peppercorns and you have a savory dish!

Apple Juice: An Apple a Day?

If you have any leftover Apple Juice in the pantry, now might be a good time to use it.

Similar to cooking the ham with beer, try using Apple Juice instead. Put in a pot and toss in some carrots, onions and black peppercorns. Completely cover the ham with the juice and bring to a boil!

Coca Cola: Nothing Like a Coke in the Kitchen

Do you have a liter of Coca Cola that’s waiting for ice cubes that will never come? Reduce the drink until it becomes the glaze. Pour the glaze over the heated ham and serve with freshly cooked white rice. It’s a sweet meal sweet-loving Filipinos will surely love.


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