ALLOW me to start this piece asking readers to first pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and strength. Readers must be spiritually fortified because the missives I am sharing herein, as I had in my past columns, can cause some anxiety.

But the messages must be shared, because they are from Heaven and they are meant for humanity. They could be disturbing and, at times, need significant preparation of the recipient, but they are necessary.

Again I quote the Blessed Mother in her message conveyed through stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 3, 2018: “May you not be frightened by what Heaven has declared to you so that you may prepare, but that which you know be what leads you to increase your faith, he desire to save the soul and the desire to cooperate in the salvation of souls.”

Having given such caveat, let me now share the message of the Blessed Mother to Luz de Maria, a stigmatist under the guidance of priests, as given last Dec. 23.

“Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: I call you to take shelter in my womb, a sure refuge for my Son’s people.

“Are you looking for material shelters without preparing the shelter of the spirit?

“Children of My Son, People of My Son:

“Firstly, be spiritual beings with hearts of flesh, with pure feelings and fraternity; be sowers of hope, lovers of peace and concord, orderly in your works and behavior, respectful and cultivated in your relations with your brothers and sisters. Be people who value the work of your brothers and sisters, respecting them so that your fellow men would respect you.

“It was the simple who came to the manger where the Savior of humanity was born - those who kept working, shepherding their flocks. As My Son shepherds His flock - all of you wherever you are, so He grieves over the falls of each one of His children and rejoices when just one returns to His side.

“The Little and Divine Baby Jesus, whom I held in My Arms from His birth, marked the works and behavior of His children, for whom He came into the world to be the Savior of humanity.

“Three Kings came from distant lands to adore Him, and Divine Blessing departed with them. Similarly, those who wish to remain with My Son must know that he does not reside in a physical land of his own, but that in order to be recognized as a child of My Son, a person must pass through arid lands where they are sometimes overwhelmed by loneliness, where the thirst to seek shelter in the things of the world almost overcomes their strength, where the lack of food tends to lead them to seek it in other lands where there is an abundance of food that poisons the soul.

“My children, I wish to keep you within My Womb - Ark of Salvation and Refuge of each one of you, in the face of so much pain that is coming as a consequence of the evil that has taken hold of those who, through economic power, have set out to spread despair on Earth among My children, paving the way for the Antichrist, scourging this generation whose wrong works and behavior has allowed evil to penetrate.

“I have already called My children to remain attentive to the sun; it will interfere with humanity’s apparent calm, forcefully shaking the earth, activating highly dangerous tectonic fault lines and volcanoes.

“We have called you to prepare yourselves for living without the comforts offered by electricity and means of communication.

“Children, prepare yourselves! The suffering already announced is this, not something else.

“Continue to live by the spirit, praying with the heart, not praying what comes to your minds out of fear. Prayers in which fear and unease do not allow you to pray with the heart or to meditate so that the Divine Spirit may guide you, are a long way from being prayer.

“Maintain your peace, my children. Maintain your serenity and trust that the Holy Trinity have arranged for the protection of their people and their people are all those who have repented or repent with a firm purpose of amendment in order to live in the way of the Divine Will, knowing that God is Alpha and Omega and that nothing is impossible for God.

“Children, you are wondering: Is Our Mother really calling us to Her Son seriously and vehemently on this night of the Birth of the Infant Jesus?

“Children - few of My children await the solemnity of the Birth of My Child Jesus with the respect and love that He deserves. They live Christmas Eve in the hubbub of the world, in the midst of vices, on beaches and not in their families. They experience Christmas in that same environment, without respect for or acknowledgement of the Savior of humanity.

“Saint Joseph and I look at them with pain! I see how they replace My Son, the Savior of mankind with a colorful figure who distracts the hearts of the little ones from true recognition of the Birth of My Son, the Redeemer of humanity.

“I call you to prayer with the heart and to place in the Manger the best of offerings to My Son: conversion.

I bless you, children, and I invite you not to fear, but to trust. I love you, children.” (End of quote.)

The dire warnings and prophecies that credible Catholic mystics have been receiving from Heaven bring back to my mind what Jesus Christ told mystic Maria Valtorta (who is now being considered for sainthood) was back on Oct. 11, 1944.

Our Lord Jesus said: "...[If you are all suffering], do you believe you have not deserved to suffer this from which you now suffer? Would you perhaps be perfect monsters of pride, so perfect as to proclaim yourselves without faults to expiate? Look within you, at your past.... Oh! no one is without faults to expiate. Well, then, if I am pleased with the chastisement which I wanted to give you here, on earth, and which is a chastisement of love, because I do not want to punish you there where the chastisement is measured in centuries or an eternity, while here it is ever [but] a crumb of time, months or years as they may be — why do you immediately want to reactivate My strictness by disobeying and showing Me a heart angered by impatience? Make God your Friend, and God will be with you against the enemies — which are the things of life: the consequences of the tragedy provoked by you through [your] culpable fickleness, in leaving Satan and his lesser satans free to torture the human race.

“But if, with the ancient pride of the human race, you want to do what you please, deaf to the Heavenly voices which want your good, if you want to do it, deaf to the voices of charity and moved by the thought of egoism which I abhor, then lo, I say to all of you: 'Do it. But you will not avoid that which, by submitting to Me, you would have avoided. And then it will be useless to call on God.'"