BITCOIN, Ethereum and numerous other cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and people—including major financial institutions—are taking notice.

Blockchain, particularly, has generated significant excitement, investment and entrepreneurial activity in recent years. And as it is gaining traction, it is also raising some serious concerns on its use, legality and even value.

Atty. Rafael Padilla, an expert in financial technology, crypto-assets and block chains, aims to demystify certain matters regarding the aforementioned in his popular lecture titled “Blockchain and its legal implications.” Hosted on Access MCLE, the groundbreaking online educational platform for lawyers, Padilla explores and evaluates current and potential business-use cases of blockchain and the legal and regulatory challenges these technologies raise, among other matters.

Padilla is a subject matter expert and has provided legal and compliance advisory and advocacy services to many Philippine startups. He is also the consultant of the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone Authority on financial technology and digital assets.

Padilla co-founded the Fintech Philippines Association and the Blockchain Association of the Philippines, a non-profit group that represents the interests of the local blockchain community. Recently, he also launched Block Devs Asia Inc., a professional association of blockchain developers. Aside from being a recognized expert in the fin-tech industry, Atty. Padilla is an adjunct professor of Law at San Beda Alabang School of Law, where he teaches Statutory Construction, Constitutional Law and Tax.

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