Return to the theaters? Young Cebuanos chime in

Andrea Pauline Parrocho, 20, computer engineering student
Andrea Pauline Parrocho, 20, computer engineering student

With the decrease of Covid-19 cases in the country late last year, leaders in government and various businesses started to open up and inject life into the crippled economic sector. One such move was the reopening of movie theaters, which meant good news to not just the avid moviegoers but also the people who gain income from working in theaters.

However, as another spike in Covid-19 cases is being experienced by many cities, movie theaters are again in danger of being closed or further limited in the attendance of moviegoers depending on the alert level imposed. Considering the unpredictable pandemic situation, SunStar asked its young readers if they are ready to watch movies inside the theater.

“I still have some doubts about going back to the cinemas to watch a movie. I feel I have to be extremely cautious especially in going inside closed spaces that tend to get crowded like theaters. I am not sure if everyone inside the theater will strictly observe the safety measures imposed on us. So, I am not yet ready to go back to the cinemas with the volatile situation that we have. Until this pandemic is clearly under control, I have to put safety as priority even if I’m already vaccinated, rather than expose myself to possible spread of the virus inside cinemas.”

Andrea Pauline Parrocho,

20, computer engineering student

“I’ve been waiting for a long time for theaters to reopen. Movies have always been one of my sources of inspiration as an artist. Before, I used to go to cinemas to relax after a busy week. It feels different when you watch movies on the big screen, but we have to adapt to changes such as not being allowed to bring food and eat inside the theaters due to health precautions.”

Miguel Dumaraos,

20, associate artist

“Yes, I am definitely ready to watch a movie inside the theater as long as proper precautions are implemented and moviegoers continue to follow safety guidelines. I am confident that the theater operators would make sure protocols are observed. I can’t wait to see “Spider Man: No Way Home” this January.”

Lou Henrick Tomross Cabanero,

19, architecture student

I’m ready to watch a movie inside the theaters. Even with the pandemic still with us, we will be safe as long as we are conscious about protecting ourselves properly by following the basic health protocols. We just need to be responsible for everything that we do, especially when we are outside.”

Geleen Aquino,

23, apprentice

“I haven’t been to the movie theaters in almost three years, so when they announced the “reopening,” I got excited. I missed out on a lot of good movies that I wanted to see on the big screen. I am ready to go back to the cinema, but I must remain vigilant and make sure that I observe all health regulations.”

Kyle Matthew Monteclaro,

20, architecture student


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