FATHER Livio Fanzaga, known as the “messenger” of the Medjugorje Marian apparitions, was recently suspended for six months as director of Radio Maria for his alleged harsh words for an Italian solon pushing some kind of “sexual liberation.”

His predicament is one that portends the biblical sign of the times. From his frequent interviews of the visonaries of Medjugorje (where the Blessed Mother has been appearing since 1981), he was well aware of what has been happening in the world and how all could turn out as prophesied.

Once, he said, “the coronavirus comes from the devil, it is a test: the solution is to renounce Satan and return to God” and that “the cult of Mother Earth is one form of false religion; it's terrible and ridiculous.”

Fr. Livio has said that already, “Satan reigns, Our Lady calls us to conversion.” It was really an indirect quote of the Blessed Mother who had once said in Medjugorje: “Be more united with God, Satan reigns and wants to destroy your lives and the planet on which you walk.”

“Satan's plan has already been implemented; the false religion of man who has replaced God rules the world,” Fr. Livio also once said, and this we see in how the world is responding to the coronavirus pandemic: fear over virus seems to reign and world leaders respond almost by instinct to the dictates of iatrarchy seated at the World Health Organization (WHO). It’s a rehearsal toward universal control, a prophesied return of communism worldwide with the Antichrist at the helm.

“Our Lady has a plan to save humanity; this is the time of the spiritual battle that prepares the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,” Fr. Livio had said. “Terrible things will happen, everyone will have to decide whether to entrust themselves to God or not, eternal salvation is at stake.”

Unlike others whose quotes I have been sharing in this space, Fr. Livio is not a mystic. HIs being a “messenger” of Medjugorje, however, has earned him significant credibility in the things he says.

More on the pandemic, Fr. Livio once remarked: “Covid criminal project of world elites.”

Further, he said “you can trash what I say, maybe I myself will correct myself, but by acquiring new knowledge I have remained with the basic idea that I told you at the beginning: this epidemic is a project not random, which does not come from the bats or the Wuhan market. It developed as a very specific project to strike the West, perhaps not only from China. It is a deliberate fact and this epidemic has been tested, proven: a simulation was done while we were not aware. It started in Brazil, causing 60 million deaths, with a simulation of the Gates Foundation. And then in fact it came about exactly like that.”

“I tell you how I think, this epidemic is a project that I have always attributed to the devil who acts through criminal minds who have achieved it with a very specific purpose: to create a sudden transition, after ideological preparation, politics and mass media, for a media coup d’état. A project aimed at weakening humanity, bringing it to its knees, establishing a sanitary and cybernetic dictatorship, creating a new world that is no longer of God the Creator, through the elimination of all those who do not say yes to this criminal project carried out by world elites, with complicity perhaps of some state,” Fr. Livio also said.

Noting that the Medjugorje apparitions would be on their 40th year and saying the number was “a symbolic number from the biblical point of view,” Fr. Livio saiid “the shift means that we are now entering a period of trials, which concerns the faith, it is the time of the 10 secrets: it will be an incredible trial, never happened before in the history of the Church, which must be interpreted in the light of Revelation.”

“It is the time of the great spiritual battle, at the end of which the two beasts – financial, political, mass media power on one side and false religion on the other – will be cast “into the pool of fire and sulphur” and the Lamb will win.

It’s the time of the 10 secrets, you say. There's been much speculation about these secrets (as revealed to the Medjugorje visionaries),” he said.

On the secrets, Fr. Livio added: “The first two will be in Medjugorje; this will have to be an example of how to deal with secrets. The third will be a visible, indestructible sign in Medjugorje, proof that Our Lady has really been there. Then all the others, in an apocalyptic context of anguish and fear for what will happen: every man in the world will have to decide whether to believe or not to believe, and decide what to do. Because it will be some event in a precise place, so there will be decisions to be made.”

He added: “But above all: to trust in God or not to trust in God? Eternal fate depends on it. It is the time of great decisions, and it will be up to each person to decide for himself. A bit like what happened with the Coronavirus, this is a test of what could happen. Terrible things will happen, but Our Lady offers us the chance to save ourselves, Mary's power will save humanity. But beware, Our Lady warned us: do not wait for the time of secrets to convert, it may be too late. Those whose hearts are hardened will risk closing down even more.”

As churches and religious icons are being physically attacked in some Western countries, Fr. Livio commented: “Among the things that are happening, what strikes us is how the so-called antiracist movement began with attacking statues and ended up attacking representations of Jesus, Mary, St. Michael the Archangel. It's shocking.”

He added: “Shocking but enlightening. For the simple reason that Satan is behind it, fuelling the hatred; and Satan’s hatred always ends up on Jesus Christ and Our Lady. There is nothing to be done, it is the endpoint. Our Lady repeats it many times: Satan wants hatred and war. And so in the world that is Satan's kingdom there is hatred, and hatred grows continuously and ends up striking the Church, the Marians, Jesus Christ, Our Lady, the saints. That's Satan’s endgame.”

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the Blessed Mother warned on 25 July 2019: “The trials will come and you will not be strong, Satan will roar, but if you are mine you will win”.

Stressing the need for conversion for such winning, Fr. Livio said: “As Our Lady said to the children, there is a battle between Jesus and the devil. Souls are saved through conversion, our conversion above all. This pandemic is the instrument through which they want to create the New World Order, to impose the ideology of the Man-God, to impose the Antichristic creed on everyone, right from the start, in the nurseries. It is clear that the epidemic leads to all this. The only way out is by returning to God,” he also stressed.