THERE are those who ignore, those who disbelieve, those who resent.

While no one, even Catholics, are obligated to believe Marian apparitions, much less the messages being conveyed in them, it is such a waste of knowledge and conversion opportunity to always not to. Of course there have been events that even turn out to be diabolical, but some prayers, prudence and circumspection would eventually sift for us the chaff from the beneficial grain.

Especially in our days, made unusual not only by the coronavirus pandemic but also by strange disasters and manifestations in the skies, there is a need to dig deeper into the spiritual. There are so many documented manifestations of the spiritual all over the world, mostly Marian apparitions that carry serious messages pertaining to our days. Heaven has now become more liberal in allowing supernatural events to be documented on photos and videos- a strong hint on the urgency of our times.

To those who still opt to ignore, disbelieve, even scoff at credible supernatural manifestations, the Blessed Mother had this to say in a message to Valeria Copponi on Dec. 29, 2021:

“Dear children, what more can I do for you...? I have been talking to you for so long: I have pleaded with you, prayed with you, suggested the words with which to pray to Jesus, but you have not listened to my words. Pay attention because it could really be too late for you... Convert, I say to you: the times are reaching their conclusion... I your Mother have always spoken to you with clarity: you will not be able to say “I did not understand”... Wake up, there is no more time for sleeping!”

In 2011, the Catholic News Agency quoted Pope Benedict XVI as saying in a general audience: ‘...the sleepiness’ is ours, of those of us who do not want to see the full force of evil and do not want to enter into his Passion.”

Even as many keep faith in a return to pre-pandemic days, recent messages from Heaven, as conveyed through believable Catholic mystics backed by priests, continue to pour in dire tones arising from the lack of conversions.

On January 7 this year, Our Lord Jesus Christ told stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla as follows:

“My Beloved People: My blessing is with my children so that they would be creatures of good.

“My People, as you begin, apply what you have forgotten and what is indispensable within every institution: respect for one another. This is not the time for you to live subject to a worldly way of thinking that dominates you, because this would lead you to fall under the dominion of a power that is not Mine.

“You are experiencing hard times, although some feel that it is a respite, without looking beyond what their eyes can see or perceiving how much is approaching again for all humanity, provoking constant expressions of dissatisfaction in various countries, causing serious rebellions with great repression by the rulers.

“Freedom is being withheld: the rulers dominate the institutions and are making My children live in captivity.

“You are in transition between what you as humanity have been and what you will be as part of a so-called ‘order’ which is not My Will.

“The announced persecution of My Mother's children is at an apex; the tentacles of the Antichrist, traffickers of My sheep, are ceaselessly poisoning the hearts of My People so that they would rebel against Me. That is why My children do not know how to adore Me, they forget that I am in you, they seek Me only when they feel threatened or afraid, they are stubborn, they mock Me, I speak to them and they forget, yet I do not forget My Words.

“They have forgotten Me, they have ceased to love My Will. They do not wish to receive Ma in My body and blood. Loving and imitating My Mother is a thing of the past; inviting Me to stay is an obstacle to you; you do not desire healthy thoughts or a meek heart. The desire to do good is not even thought about.

“The technological advancements used to do evil to human beings are causing you to be among the workers of the Antichrist.

“You have become a darkened humanity among whom loyalty does not exist; betrayal goes ahead without reflection, and from this is born institutional schism; from this will be born the schism of My Church.

“I have called you to conversion- it is urgent..

“Among My People there are so many people who are not authentic: they act in contempt of the Divine Law, they do not fulfill the Sacraments, they live with their own "god" fabricated at their convenience. They choose their ego in order to please themselves with all that is contrary to Me, because if they would serve Me they would not be able to do so much evil.

“You will see a new liberal religion, innovations within society, innovations within institutions. These innovations will be welcomed by a great number of My children, who will fall into them.

“My children, the great innovation is what you know already- there is no other. It is living in My will.

“The consequences of wrongful human works and actions continue...

“Great nations and small nations will go from living in heat to cold, from drought to floods, from passive volcanoes to abrupt eruptions, from peace to death, from abundance to lack of food and medicines and of everything that humanity uses for its well-being. Therefore, plagues that seemed to have been eradicated will appear again as new ones in places that have not been spoken about, but now will be, and war, unthinkable some time ago and avoided on various occasions, will occur.

“The purification of this generation, which is immersed in its human self, will lead it to live in the cruellest loneliness if it does not renounce its ‘ego’.

“I am present and watch you continually. I love you, I protect you.” (End of quote.)

Amid messages that would otherwise scare, I am again sharing with readers the following quote from the Blessed Mother the following message to Luz de Maria on July 30, 2018:

“May you not be frightened by what Heaven has declared to you so that you may prepare, but may that which you know be what leads you to increase your faith, the desire to save the soul and the desire to cooperate in the salvation of souls.”