Bazi is a destiny reading discipline utilizing your birth date and birth time. Decoding one’s BaZi can lead to clarity in making a decision, understanding yourself better and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

How can you best live your life for this month? To know your “Day Master,” follow these following steps:


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Yang Wood Daymaster

As you will be managing your peers this month, conflict between you and them may arise due to circumstances. With this, be mindful of the characteristics and emotions of your peers and your collective goals will be reached with ease and efficiency.

Yin Wood Daymaster

This month will be especially busy as opportunities will be flying left and right. With it comes stress that compels you to make rash decisions and put you in perilous situations. Be extra sure in the actions you will take and this month will be only a month of success and wealth.

Yang Fire Daymaster

Favorable results are bound to come your way, however, avoid taking shortcuts to fast results that may jeopardize your system. Continue exerting and having faith in the time and effort and good fortune will come after.

Yin Fire Daymaster

Opportunities and even money may come to you with minimal effort! Appealing it may be, this does not mean a lax and careless attitude should be adopted as heavy expenses may appear. Do not take it for granted to guarantee a smooth sailing month!

Yang Earth Daymaster

Taking action and spending time to achieve goals can be satisfying, however, not all undertakings may bear fruit as unforeseen variables may appear. As much as hard work pays off, keeping a level head when it doesn’t pays off as clarity breeds new angles to take on a goal.

Yin Earth Daymaster

As more creative and out of the box ideas come, people may not be able to see your creativity and go with it. Keep in mind that not all ideas will push through, so try to not be discouraged, and keep churning that mind for the idea that will click with the people.

Yang Metal Daymaster

Collaborating with your fellow peers can lead to goals being reached, but investments, whether in time, effort, or money, have a possibility of not being returned if not managed well. Remember to communicate properly when collaborating as it minimizes any loss that may come your way.

Yin Metal Daymaster

Chance encounters where one can forge or strengthen friendships will come your way. These opportunities may result in a bigger friend’s list, but convening too often may make you more vulnerable to sickness, especially in today’s time.

Yang Water Daymaster

A fountain of knowledge in the form of a person may appear to you this month! However, disagreements with your mentor/teacher may arise as new breakthroughs in your areas of knowledge come. Keeping an open mind with the new information will open doors for success in the future.

Yin Water Daymaster

Unconventional learning may be a realm to another world of wisdom and philosophies, but be careful of sketchy people spreading misinformation for money to you. Double check on where you learn. You will have a fulfilling month ahead of you.