THIS piece is for all readers, of course, but especially for those who, for whatever reason, opt to ignore the apocalyptic messages coming from the most credible Catholic mystics of our times.

For them, this quote from the Blessed Mother as conveyed to mystic Gisella Cardia on October 26, 2021: “...There is none more blind than he who does not want to see, and despite the signs of the times foretold, even those who have faith refuse to look at what is happening.”

Such quote was also noted by world-renowned Catholic evangelist and author Mark Mallett who wrote in his blog:

“I feel sorry for those who cower behind the hedges when apocalyptic themes stroll by; or those who quickly change the subject before breaking a sweat; or those who pretend in their homilies that we didn’t just hear Mass readings on the ‘end times’ (a perfect time to focus on Old Testament yore, tell a joke — or just remind everyone that each day could be our ‘end time.’) However, after watching and praying in this apostolate for 17 years; after listening to pope after pope since the 1800’s declare that we are entering the apocalypse; after weighing and testing over a century of Our Lady’s apparitions; and after diligently studying the signs of the times in world events... I think it is utterly silly if not reckless to remain silent in the face of the evidence before us.”

The prophecies from modern day mystics are made more credible by their our days, at a pace that seems in a rush.

Note for example, the following messages conveyed thru mystic Jennifer who has been under the guidance of priests.

Message from Jesus Christ on January 23, 2005:

“My people, behold the signs for the days of great change are upon you. Woe to you foolish ones who do not believe I am Jesus your true Messiah. Woe to you foolish ones who do not believe I send these words of warning through My many messengers all around this world. I do not come to send these words for you to ignore for it is those who ignore My words that will perish.

“My people, in the blink of an eye you may be standing before Me. In the blink of an eye man will be brought to his knees. The oceans will no longer be calm and mountains will awaken, sending ash to cover this earth in darkness. The rings of fire will begin to culminate, My people. Do not be fooled by the signs for man will try and justify these events and yet, through all this destruction, this world is being purified. It is only through the just hand of My Father the life will be restored, the life of My little ones.

In the light of the recent volcanic eruptions worldwide, including the recent one off the coast of the Pacific island of Tonga that caused tsunamis in various nations, recall Jesus Christ’s message on February 27, 2005:

“The seas are no longer calm, the rings of fire will soon culminate and many areas will disintegrate like ashes in a fire... This time of calmness is soon to expire. Be on guard, be on guard for the battle is on and your trials and sufferings will multiply. It is through the breaking of the fifth Commandment that this world will see a great chastisement... Be on guard for nations will soon rise up against one another that will send forth great disruptions in your way of life. The mountains will awaken, even those that lie below the far depths of the sea.”

Even earlier were prophecies conveyed to a woman whose online photos do not convey typical “stampita” saintliness, as she looks quite like any ordinary American dreamer.

But Servant of God Cora Evans (1904-March 30, 1957) is now being considered for canonization. She used to live in the remote Boulder Creek in the Sta. Cruz mountains in California where she had encounters with Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother.

Cora mystically witnessed an episode in the earthly lives Jesus and His Blessed Mother Mary, sometime before His crucifixion. She said she witnessed Jesus seeking His mother’s consent for her to appear in many places on earth, apparently in our times, amid apostasy and consequential evil that would stalk the Catholic Church.

As the angel Gabriel also obtained the Blessed Mother’s consent to be the Mother of God, so did the Son first obtain her consent to fulfill a task scheduled for our times.

So now, we have an explosion of Marian apparitions especially in our days. The Mother of God even now allows herself to be photographed and video’d.

Cora took note of the conversation between Jesus and the Blessed Mother in regard to her modern-day apparitions. Jesus said: “In the generations of little faith you may participate as an active mother of the people by your personal appearance in apparitions, through which you may warn them of their neglect of Me in the tabernacle.”

The Son asked for the consent of the Mother, saying: “However, before you take this active part, I must have your consent. That is as necessary now as when you gave your will that allowed Me to be born into the world. To many people you will truly be the Gate of Heaven, for you will point the way, through apparitions, to the altar where I will live in silence and be imprisoned until the end of time.”

“Rather than allow some people the risk of being lost without some warning that they should make haste and return to My Love, it will be necessary for you to appear through the mystery of visions and reproach them for their little faith. The fear of the supernatural will always stir the human heart, whereas tradition and the written word may find its truths on the shelves of myth,” Jesus added.

Cora then said the Blessed Mother was given a vision of all her future appearances around the globe.

Cora noted the Blessed Mother seemed gasping for breath “as she watched the greatest apparition of all. The whole world seemed to be swallowed in the light of a golden vapor, which in no way bore any resemblance to the glow of the earthly sun. It resembled in its mystery of light a huge monstrance tipped over earth to such degrees that the Host could be seen by everyone in the world.”

“The center of the imaginary monstrance appeared to be above the nations of China and India. This vapors, like bead-like fire, rained upon the earth from the center of the golden light,” Cora recalled.

“Millions of people saw that apparition, yet none were harmed or frightened,” she added.

Was it a vision of the Warning foretold by the Blessed Mother in Garabandal, Spain in the 1960’s?

Cora also wrote about a Golden Age of peace that would last hundreds of years but end with the overpowering “satanic powers of hell.” Now this prophecy seems to be well beyond our days, probably preceding the end of the world.

“During the last hour, the atheistic soldiers will delight in their search for the one last priest,” Evans said.

She claimed that Jesus told her that through the latest scientific inventions, the last priest would be found holding Mass in a cave.

This priest would then be martyred, paving for the world to celebrate.

Cora noted that the Blessed Mother said “yes” to her Son. “Mother Mary bowed before Jesus and kissed His Feet, whispering her willing consent to her future apparitions according to His Will for the good of the human race,” she wrote.