SUSTAINABILITY is a big word. What exactly is a sustainable brand? It is one that does everything possible to minimize its environmental footprint.

Those who are looking to upgrade their oral care routine for 2022 should look for a brand that fulfills their requirements for being a brand that’s friendly to both humans and the environment. Splat is a global pioneer in natural eco-friendly oral care that is present in 70 European and Asian countries. Splat products are manufactured from ingredients of leading global suppliers at company’s own ecoplant in Russia. Splat manufacture has CO2-neutral status and has been certified for compliance with international standards of GMP Cosmetics and ISO 9001.

Splat toothpastes don’t contain SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine, aluminum lactate, peroxide, petroleum-derived products, synthetic antiseptic agents, sodium lauryl sulfate and saccharinate as these are ingredients that could potentially harm humans, animals and the planet.

Each Splat product targets a specific oral concern so consumers can easily find one that fulfills their oral hygiene requirements. Splat natural oral care targets all age groups including children zero to 11 years old. These are safe if swallowed, and contains innovative Luctatol that may be as effective as fluoride in helping protect delicate teeth from bacteria.

Here are Splat natural toothpastes to consider:

For cleaning teeth without making them hypersensitive: Splat Professional Sensitive White has hydroxyapatite and natural enzyme system to effectively break up dental plaque and reduce sensitivity.

For soothing teeth and gums: Splat Green Tea toothpaste contains green tea extracts, sage and chamomile. It also has natural pearl with calcium to strengthen teeth.

Also for sensitive teeth: Splat Professional Lavendersept toothpaste with bioactive calcium, lavender, rosemary and thyme essential oils, promotes healthy gums and reduces tooth hypersensitivity. Papain natural enzyme gently whitens and polishes enamel to a shiny white.

For coffee and tea lovers: Splat Professional White Plus has rounded polishing particles that, in combination with PVP whitening component and natural papaya enzymes, noticeably whiten tooth enamel, break up dental plaque in hard-to-reach places and make tooth surface perfectly smooth and white.

For effective gum and teeth care: Splat Professional Medical Herbs, an emerald-colored gel toothpaste, contains extracts of sage, chamomile and hawthorn. Calcium obtained from eggshell accelerates mineralization and strengthens tooth enamel.

The Splat Professional Biocalcium toothpaste restores enamel and reduces tooth hypersensitivity with high content of bioactive calcium obtained from eggshell and hydroxyapatite, a building component of tooth enamel.

The Splat Kids Natural Toothpaste in Strawberry-Cherry and Fruit Ice-Cream flavors makes brushing fun for kids. These natural toothpastes are hypoallergenic and safe if accidentally swallowed.

In the Philippines, Splat is exclusively distributed by the ABGPH Corp. and is now available exclusively at selected Watsons stores online and offline. SPONSORED CONTENT