THE total doses of Covid-19 vaccines administered in Cagayan de Oro have reached 1,095,301 as of January 18, 2022, the City Health Office reported.

A report from the CHIO Data Management Team showed that 96.03 percent of the target population in Cagayan de Oro has already received their first doses, while 86.62 percent are fully vaccinated.

Based on the data presented by the City Health Office, of the over 1.09 million Covid-19 doses, 551,715 were given as first doses and 497,672 as second doses.

The city was also able to administer booster shots to 45,914 individuals.

Of the 1,095,301 doses of Covid-19 vaccines administered, 70,735 were for frontline healthcare workers, 99,896 were for senior citizens, 154,531 were for persons with comorbidities, 401,877 for essential frontline workers, 51,358 were from the A5 priority group, 198,924 were from the ROAP priority group, and 117,980 were from pedia A3 and ROPP priority groups.