Are you a creator or consumer? Three ways to beat the lockdown blues

Cook something new
Cook something new

We’re just about a couple months away from officially marking two years into the coronavirus pandemic. Who could not forget the strict health guidelines and the travel restrictions, all for the health and betterment of people?

And while staying at home sounds like a great idea, spending the majority of your 700-plus days indoors may not be very fun anymore. In fact, the quarantine experience vastly differs for everyone—some have spacious living quarters, while others live in condominium studios and the like. These orders to “stay home” could be very frustrating.

One could say that human activity, stripped down to the core, boils down to two things: Creating and consuming. Both play important roles in life, and here are a few tips on how to beat the lockdown blues in simple ways of creation and consumption!

Cook something new

Try out a new recipe from online. Challenge yourself and pick one from a cuisine you’ve never tried preparing before. It may sound daunting at first if you do not know your way around the kitchen. However, if you’re somewhat a gastronome yourself, you would enjoy the experience of coming up with your own version of your favorite dish!

Renovate your place

With all the time you have at home, it might be time to finally do that renovation or restoration project you’ve been putting on hold. Of course, leave the huge tasks to the architects, engineers and interior designers! But if it’s just sprucing up the living room and the like, go do it yourself! Enjoy the learning process and the fruits of your labor, too. Relax and watch some Netflix on your new couch.

Learn a new skill

This might sound like a chore but if you could find a way to learn something new, your future self will thank you for it. Learn a new language for your next travels! Learn a musical instrument and finally upload that cover on YouTube. Learn how to drive when traffic may not be as bad these days. Whatever it is you choose to do, do it for you.

Sometimes, too much of a good thing may have slight side effects. When you leave yourself too busy creating something, you forget your loved ones. When you end up consuming so much time binging on a particular guilty pleasure, you forget to take care of yourself. Keep that balance!


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