THE coastal waters of Bataan are still positive for red tide toxin as of Thursday, January 20, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)-Central Luzon reported.

As per Shellfish Bulletin 1 S. 2020, BFAR-Central Luzon noted that shellfish samples collected from nine Bataan towns, namely, Hermosa, Orani, Samal, Abucay, Balanga City, Pilar, Orion, Limay, and Mariveles, tested positive for the red tide toxin that causes paralytic shellfish poisoning.

The agency advised the public to refrain from gathering or harvesting, transporting, marketing or selling shellfish and Acetes spp (alamang) from the province until the toxicity level has gone below the regulatory limit.

“Meanwhile, fish harvested from this area are safe provided that they are fresh, thoroughly washed and internal organs are removed,” BFAR added.

The shellfish ban in the said Bataan towns has been up for over two months now starting November 6.