WAKING up to one cold morning, especially on your rest days, makes you look forward to snug on your favorite sweater, get clingy with your mug, or simply snooze the alarm button.

Particularly now when the weather is extra chilly, give in to this relaxing indulgence. Liberate your mind and focus more on taking a break from chores, work, and other jobs in your to-do list.

Consider it a day to have a mental break. You’re welcome.

While you are embracing the chilly weather, dig in too on these traditional hot drinks:

1. Hot cocoa. Indulge in rich chocolate goodness with easy to prepare hot cocoa. With dilutable chocolate callets, you can enjoy warm mug of ‘sikwate’ with fresh aroma of cocoa.

2. Brewed coffee. Enjoy the bold flavor and rich aroma by preparing coffee from scratch. Freshly ground coffee beans and slowly brew to perfection. Sweeten it with brown sugar or condensed milk.

3. Herbal tea. For extra spice and kick, refresh with teas that are infused with natural flavors. Herbal teas makes you feel closer with nature at the same time gives you a healthy vibe.

Discover more hot drink finds at Kultura via https://www.kulturafilipino.com/ or visit its physical store in SM Lanang Premier and section at The SM Store in SM City Davao. Sip these hot drinks now and chill. (PR)