THE Bureau of Customs (BOC)-Port of Davao has confiscated around P38.86 million worth of goods, with cigarettes as the highest valued item.

In a press statement released by the BOC-Davao on January 21, the bureau has confiscated varying forfeited goods valued at P38,845,101.94 for the year 2021, which is significantly lower than the previous year in 2020 that reached P385.92 million.

“This was made possible through the deployment of advanced technology and efficient intelligence measures initiated to fight unlawful importations to protect the local market, secure government resources, and protect revenues,” the agency said in its annual report for 2021.

Among the seized commodities, cigarettes posted the highest value at P24,133,411.91, followed by agricultural products at P10,127,936.34, and chemicals/toxic substances worth P2,736,786.53.

Around P500,00 worth of used clothing or “ukay-ukay” were also confiscated, along with electronic products valued at P547,788.95, medicine and cosmetics worth P447,614, and general merchandise valued at P351,564.15.

The bureau also collected condemned forfeited goods worth P41,909,836.50 for 2021, majority of which are agricultural products with an estimated value of P21,856,215.

Other forfeited items such as styrofoam box, glass bottle cap with sealing machine, plastic bags, and expired medical goods were valued at P1,950,000.

BOC-Davao said it supervised a joint surveillance inspection with the Philippine Coast Guard-Coast Guard District of Southern Mindanao and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-Seaport Interdiction Unit patrolled maritime areas from Davao Gulf to the Saranggani Strait on April 6, 2021.

“This was to ensure maximum security measures rolled-out against the entry of illegal goods at the areas of responsibility of Collection District XII,” the statement read.

The BOC-Davao has jurisdiction in Davao Region and Soccsksargen. Its principal port is in Davao City with subports located in Mati City, Parang in Maguindanao, and Dadiangas in General Santos City.