OTHER legal bases in the formation of federations and confederations of HOA, in alliance with DHSUD and DILG are the provisions of Executive Order No. 292, Book IV, Title XII, otherwise known as the Administrative Code of 1987 which mandates the DILG "to assist the President in the exercise of general supervision over local governments and in ensuring autonomy, decentralization and community empowerment."

Further, relevant provisions of the Local Government Code over the role of people's and non-government organizations and spelled out in Sections 34 and 36 thereof.

The purpose of the JMC is to operationalize the constitutional mandate and state policy as spelled out in RA 9904, RA 7166 and EO 292 specifically "to assist in the promotion of federations and confederations of HOAs as non-governmental, non political and community-based and people's organizations that shall serve their legitimate collective interests and as partners of the government in nation building.

The JMC provided the meaning of homeowners' associations as non-stock, non-profit associations registered with DHSUD, Home Insurance Guarantee Corp. and the SEC, organized by owners or purchasers of a lot in a subdivision or village or other residential real property within the jurisdiction of the association.

Federation refers to an organization of two or more HOAs established and registered to pursue common goals beneficial to the interest of members' association.

Confederation refers to an association of two or more federated HOAs established and registered to pursue common goals or objectives beneficial to the interests of the constituent association members.

From the barangay level, HOAs may federate into municipal/city level, to city and provincial level, regional and national confederations.

In all its undertakings, the DHSUD/DILG shall extend technical and other support and assistance to the federated or confederated homeowners' associations in order to achieve their common objectives and goal.

The LGU shall have a local housing board and a focal person or liaison officer to coordinate with the promotion of homeowners' associations.