SATAN must be going political too in the coming elections in the Philippines, being Asia’s only Catholic country. Yes, we can conclude that, in these times of the Apocalypse where a huge battle is being waged over souls of earthlings, the infernal prince must have designed special maneuverings for his candidates who would open for him the doors of Malacañang, even of city and municipal halls, to the antichrist, the prophesied one whose design is to control the world (via the pandemic?) and impose one-world religion.

It’s thus important for voters to pray and be inspired by Heaven on whom to vote. The diabolic chaff must be sifted from redemptive grain. Satan and his forces must be flexing their spiritual muscles to the max for the May polls. The elections will be more spiritual than political so defenses must be pursued in the spiritual sphere, too.

That said, we continue to open ourselves to messages from Heaven, as the world is stirred by apocalyptic events. This time, let me share some quotes from mystic Valeria Copponi who was once advised by the late Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the official exorcist of the Vatican for many years, to spread the messages she had been receiving mostly from the Blessed Mother.

On January 21, 2022, he Blessed Mother told ailing Valeria:

“My daughter, soon you will get better, but do not seek healing, as we are still in need of your suffering. You know my suffering well, and yet I continue to help my Son because I want the greatest number of my children to be able to rejoice soon in the glory of Jesus’s return to your precarious planet. Only He will be able to bring peace, joy, truth, brotherhood and true love to your earth. My daughter, continue to offer your sufferings and soon you will rejoice in what you have offered.

“Your earth has now become satanic ground, with your sin, your disobedience, your hatred for the true Church. You have scourged the body and spirit of my Son for the umpteenth time. Soon everything will be accomplished, but unfortunately, will your faith have the necessary strength that you will need for your salvation? My little children, I can always count on you, my little remnant — do not disappoint me. Accept with love the difficult trials you will have to face, and we will be able praise and thank God together for the gift of eternal life.

“You are now aware that human life can never give you that perfect joy that you will have through the unique love of God, the Creator and Lord of all things. I love you so much: pray and offer your sufferings once more, which are indispensable for the full realization of God’s plan. I bless you, my beloved children: continue to wipe away my tears. I love you all.”

Also to Valaria, the Blessed Mother said on Jan. 5, 2022:

“....Unworthy children, soon you will be called to account for all your evil actions, and then I wish that you would acknowledge all your shortcomings and ask your Savior Jesus Christ for forgiveness. Ungrateful children, kneel before Jesus Crucified for all your sins and commit to asking deeply for forgiveness, with tears of repentance accompanying your apologies. As Jesus forgave those who wronged Him, so He will have compassion on you, poor human beings, and will forgive your faults.

“Little children, I am still interceding for you: I cannot lose you — Satan cannot take my beloved and cherished children from me; but you need to help me with your good works and with your authentic prayers, felt in the depths of your hearts. Time is pressing; do not get lost in the sinful meanderings of your earthly world — turn your gaze to Heaven, where God will give you the reward that you deserve. I love you, my children. Do not disappoint my expectations — I want you all to be with me. I bless you and hold you tightly under my mantle. May Jesus hear your supplications.”

The Blessed Mother also told Valeria on December 22, 2021:

“My dearest little children, I have gathered you here so that you when your times reach their fulfillment you would be able to testify that all the words that I have given you are authentic. My children, I am she who will crush the head of the ancient serpent, and thus everything will be fulfilled in glory.

“You should not be afraid of everything that seems negative in your eyes, for Jesus uses all means to reach the last of His children. You are my beloveds: I know that I can still count on you and that, without any fear, you will bring to completion what I suggest to you. Listen and speak to your brothers and sisters through my messages without taking away from or adding anything to my words. Jesus will still use me; I can reach you like every mother, my children, in the certainty that you will put my suggestions into action.

“Do not believe the negative things that are being said; their only use is to bring you into line — Jesus is the One who will bring all his children into line, and then He will give to all the prize or eternal punishment according to their merits. Let this be clear: do not misunderstand me, because then you will not be able to blame anyone else for your errors. Pray, my little children; I am here to listen to all your requests and to present them to God’s Holy Spirit.

“I am she who will crush the head of the ancient serpent, and he will be destroyed for eternity. Little children, seek to merit the prize that will lead you to enjoy a blessed eternity beside us. I bless you and give you my maternal embrace. Your most beloved Mother.”

And then on September 29, 2021, the Blessed Mother also told Valeria:

“My dearest children, I come to you surrounded by my angels and archangels: pray to them particularly today so that they would intercede for you before God. Pray often, even by night with your hands clasped; pray for all those who risk walking eternally among the flames of Hell.

“My dearly beloved little children, today on your earth people only think of what is superfluous, not considering that eternity will never pass away!

“My children, witness to Jesus with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus became human like you in order to testify that God is the Absolute Master of all things. Little children, speak of the times that will soon change without your being able to go back.

“Your good works will be the surest passport to your infinite life. I commend to you my weakest children who, not knowing the love that God has for them, may be lost for eternity. Encourage those who feel that they are the last and that they are useless; tell them that for me and Jesus you all have very great importance. Let them not forget that Jesus gave his life dying on the Cross. This should give you great cause for reflection.

“I am constantly interceding for you; I am sad for my children who will be lost — do not squander your freedom. Soon these times will end; I hope that each one of you will merit the prize of eternal life.

“Offer up prayers and sacrifices, and then you will see and rejoice in the glory of God. I bless you, I love you and want you all to be with me. Peace to you and your families.”