THE daily positivity rate (DPR) of Covid-19 cases in Cebu City dropped to 36.80 percent on Thursday, January 27, 2022.

There is a decrease of 6.1 percentage points from 42.90 percent DPR recorded on January 26.

Cebu City reported 474 new cases on January 27, bringing the total active cases to 7,663 in 78 of the city's 80 barangays.

The DPR stood at 36.80 percent, from 1,288 individuals tested on January 27.

Cebu City's DPR has been hovering above 40 percent from January 24 to January 26.

The DPR on January 23 was 51.07 percent, but then it dropped to 41.60 percent on January 24.

The City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) reported a DPR of 40.43 percent on January 25 and 42.90 percent on January 26.

Cebu City still has a long way to go as the indicator that the Covid-19 infections are already under control when its DPR is within five percent.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the positivity rate is one of the indicators that the epidemic is controlled by having a positivity rate of less than five percent for the last two weeks. The positivity rate, or percent positive, is the percentage of all coronavirus tests performed that come out positive.

Daily cases

From January 20 to January 24, the daily new cases have seen a decrease.

Cebu City EOC reported 1,126 new cases and 5,608 active cases on January 20; 902 new cases and 6,292 active cases on January 21; 818 new cases and 6,859 active cases on January 22; and 573 new cases and 7,370 active cases on January 23; and 302 new cases and 6,973 cases on January 24.

But on January 25, the daily new cases increased to 615, pulling the active cases to 7,186.

The daily new cases on January 26 dropped to 577. But the active cases continued to increase to 7,562 after the EOC recorded only 201 recoveries on January 26.

On January 27, the daily cases further dropped to 474. But still active cases rose to 7,663 as there were only 345 recoveries reported on January 27.

Cebu City Covid-19 deaths in the first 27 days of January are 39.

Garganera earlier said the city still has a lot of work to do to further lower the city's infection rate. (KAL)