OUTGOING election Commissioner Rowena Guanzon challenged on Friday, January 28, an official of the political party of presidential aspirant Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. to a televised debate.

Guanzon made the challenge after calling for an investigation on the alleged "illegal leak" of her vote in the disqualification cases of Marcos.

In a series of social media posts, Guanzon, who heads the Commission on Elections (Comelec) First Division, challenged Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) General Counsel George Briones to a televised debate on whether she did an illegal act in broadcasting her vote on the consolidated cases ahead of the promulgation of the decision.

"I challenge George Briones of Partido Federal of BBM (Marcos) to a debate on TV. If he thinks he is brighter than me, he should agree," said Guanzon.

"George Briones, don't call me yellow. I'm not a coward like you. Let us debate on TV," she added.

This came hours after Briones urged the Comelec to conduct an administrative investigation over Guanzon's public disclosure of her vote to disqualify Marcos ahead of the promulgation of the First Division’s decision.

Briones alleged that her actions is a breach of duty and public trust, as she has shown her bias for Marcos's chief rival, Vice President and fellow presidential aspirant Leni Robredo, as seen in her "undue haste" in having the decision promulgated.

Guanzon said the Comelec en banc does not have jurisdiction over any of its members.

"The Commission en banc has no jurisdiction over an administrative complaint against a commissioner. I am an impeachable officer. You people better study," she said.

Guanzon also said she is not concerned with losing her retirement benefits as long as she stands by her principle.

"Even if I live a wretched life, I will fight the evil and the wrongdoings. Honor and excellence! Fight!" she said.

She then warned the camp of Marcos of the possibility of holding them in contempt for threatening a poll official.

"Partido Federal is threatening me, the Presiding Commissioner, while his case is pending? I can cite you in contempt and have you detained at the Manila City Jail," said Guanzon.

She also asked the camp of Marcos if they are aware of the actions of the PFP.

"The Marcoses aren't vindictive. But is the party of BBM (Marcos) vindictive? Is this the marching order of Marcos?" asked the poll official.

Guanzon then asked all parties concerned to stop making a spectacle and just focus on the main issue, which is the decision on the Marcos cases.

"They are diverting the issue. Commissioner (Aimee) Ferolino should release the resolution, with those who will lose can file a Motion for Reconsideration," said Guanzon.

To recall, the decision of the Comelec First Division on the disqualification cases filed against Marcos by Bonifacio Ilagan and others, by Akbayan party, and by Abubakar Mangelen was expected to be released last January 17.

The promulgation, however, has yet to push through as of Friday, January 28, with Guanzon already publicly pushing for its immediate release.

On Thursday night, January 27, Guanzon publicly disclosed her vote to have Marcos disqualified from the presidential race ahead of the release of the First Division’s resolution. (HDT/SunStar Philippines)