5 things to do on ‘Doggy Date Night’

5 things to do on ‘Doggy Date Night’

Through the years, pet dogs have evolved from simply being “man’s best friend” to officially becoming part of the family! Humans have turned into “fur parents,” showering their doggos with all the love and attention in the world.

As today, Feb. 3, is recognized as “Doggy Date Night,” here is a list some of the most popular displays of affection shown to one’s pets, according to a survey by National Today.

Pre-Valentine’s Day Treat

Sixty-four percent of dog owners surveyed said that they come up or order a special Valentine’s Day treat on this day and serve it to their doggies!

Giving Time

It might be well past the holidays but today is still a great time to make or buy a special gift for your dog, which is what 39 percent of dog owners do on Doggy Date Night!

Third Wheel

Do people have plans for Valentine’s already? Whether they do or do not, 28 percent of pet owners believe that taking your dog out along during your date night with your significant other is a good idea.

Words of Affection

Fifty-three percent of fur parents don’t let the day pass without telling their fur babies that they love them very much.

Online Showcase

Thirty-three percent of pet owners are guilty of posting photos of their pets with an accompanying love-themed caption every Feb. 3. Although to be honest, it’s probably more than 33 percent—and it’s probably not just on Feb. 3.

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