“You’re my always

You’re my forever

You’re my reality

You’re my sunshine

You’re my best times

You’re my anomaly

And I’d choose you

In a hundred lifetimes,

I’d choose you

In a hundred worlds,

I’d find you...”

Mao ni tipik sa lyrics sa 2016 hit wedding song nga “I Choose You” ni Ryann Darling nga mao say themesong sa newly-engaged couple nga silang Dr. Frank Paylangco Vicoy ug Dr. Ai Kakuoka.

Ang ilang lovestory nagsugod niadtong 2010 apan sa miaging tuig lang nahimong opisyal ang ilang relasyon.

“First time I saw her was way back 12 years ago in a Dental school and since then I already had a crush on her. But we were only formally introduced in 2018 when we attended a Dental convention in Cebu City,” paambit ni Dr. Vicoy, ang nabantog nga cosmetic dentist sa mga beauty queen nga naglakip nilang Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez, Miss World Philippines Tracy Maureen Perez, ug Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados.

“We’re officially together for 4 months, not too long ago but feels like we’ve been together for years,” paambit usab ni Dr. Kakuoka nga usa ka half-Pinay, half-Japanese beauty.

“We got engaged in November last year in Naked Island, Siargao. I tricked her into thinking that we were just going to watch the sunset in an island. I had set up a romantic dinner for us.”

“Thanks to my old friends in Siargao and some of my staff from my resort who sailed all the way from Cebu just to help me set up my surprise for her,” ni Dr. Vicoy bahin sa gihimo niyang wedding proposal.

“The very first time we spent time together, I knew she’s the woman I am so in love with and want to spend the rest of my life,” dugang sa 31-anyos nga cosmetic doctor nga CEO ug founder sa `Smile Creations by Dr. Frank’.

Si Dr. Kakuoka niangkon nga sukad pa sa una nakadayeg na siya sa daghang aspeto sa pagkatawo ni Dr. Vicoy dili lang sa talento ug abilidad sa pagka-dentista apan lakip na sa pagkamatinabangon niini sa komunidad.

“Frank was quite famous in his field and I was always fascinated in all the talents and skills that he possessed not only as a Dentist, he was a well-rounded person.”

“I remember vividly the very first time we’ve had a conversation, he was quite talkative and he started talking like we’ve been friends for so long. I would say I’m a shy-type, I’m not used to speaking much in general especially to someone I have just met. But slowly, I opened up to him, effortlessly. I don’t know exactly when I fell for him, but I love his pure heart, his passion in helping others, his passion for work, his selflessness and the way he takes care of me and my family. I’ve never met anyone that has checked all the boxes that I have prayed for, our core values, visions and passion are so aligned with each other. That’s when I knew, that Frank was the one.”

Samtang si Dr. Frank nihulagway sa iyang fiancée nga “very sweet and loving and every bit of time I spent with her was a kilig moment” diin lakip sa ilang bonding moments ang mga out-of-town trips samtang maminaw sa ilang mga paboritong kanta labi na sa “I Choose You” ni Ryann Darling nga maoy themesong sa umaabot unya nilang kasal.