WHY an anti-dynasty law has never been passed. The whole Philippines has coddled dynasties from the national to the barangays.

Often radio commentaries allude to certain political personalities that those in the know are being targeted.

In Bacolod City, a certain bloke who has never paid Ceneco a single centavo. Yet through illegal connections, managed to steal millions of pesos from the power utility.

Those who live in Bacolod know that a barangay made fun of a certain official with much laughter and derision.

The secret is to know their family names. They usually sport the same names. Know their names and their barangays and voila they can get away from their liabilities toward the electric utility.

Sad to say that some of these guys are relatives of Bacolod Feasters, the Catholic charismatic group. I wonder how they can get with this?

What are we in power for except to flout the law, said a certain Filipino politician of yesteryear. Well, they get what they want. No power from the electric power utility unless they pay their bills of P5 million. They can if you know how they can illegally tap into a legit power subscriber.

Ride piggyback on legal power sources. No wonder we often experience power outages. Filipino consumers love to complain about these outages but do nothing about them. In effect, we who pay our monthly bills subsidize these illegal connections.

How many times did we hear explosions that someone practiced excessive use of power consumption? And now we hear from the various Teleradyo to expect a series of brownouts during the national elections. Let’s see what the Commission on Elections will do about it.

And yes, we can expect water rationing during the sweltering heat of summer. I'm grateful that we use rainwater. Otherwise, we'll be forced to use brackish water.

It's been a while since water flowed from our faucets. We were promised that PrimeWater would be the answer to our prayers.

It is since it has been raining or we call it "tubong" here in Negros Occidental.

Thanks be to God but no thanks to PrimeWater.

Truly, we live in a Third World setting.