WITH our past week sharings of our present time as an era of crises and facing the persistent lessons of history, our column today calls for our remembrance of this historic Easter week of the undying message of hope for humanity.

This recollection is inspired by the commemoration of the Christian world of the undying hope of human life in history. This column does not limit its perspective on the Christian view but also on the enduring foundation of hope for the coming years of humankind. Thus, we join the worldwide prayers for a blessed Easter and the hope for a better life for humanity.

Some people may ask how much the value of hope can respond to the global era of crises today. Practically, all areas of the world are confronted by various crises. To briefly mention the more notable cases, we cite the United States of America which, for all its material wealth, is experiencing continuing political and socio-economic dissensions and is not exempt from the protests of the many economically marginalized citizens of the wealthy few.

In the process, this biggest global economy is also coping with various relationship problems with many other countries of the world. Another of the more advanced groups of nations is the European Union which is also beset by the "brexit" or political changes brought about by the impending separation of its biggest economy, the United Kingdom.

As a result, the negative repercussions of this historic change are affecting not only Europe but many other areas of the world. One of the most wealthy parts of the globe, the Middle East, is also besieged by many kinds of conflicts, political, cultural, economic and other destructive events, especially of painful civil wars in various areas of this region. These crises have also been spilling over to neighboring states of Africa and the Near East.

This situation has thus prompted the Holy Father, Pope Francis, to plead for the response of the world for the millions of suffering refugees and migrants in these areas. Unfortunately, these situations have added a heavy burden to the European Union states which have historic ties with the countless migrants who have sought refuge in these countries which are also coping with the political, economic, cultural and other challenges brought about by the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

The many struggling nations of South America, as well as the biggest populated area of the world, Asia, are also struggling with multifarious political, economic, cultural and other issues including natural disasters which have adversely affected many areas. With all these global challenges, the world reaches out to various solutions which often remain unreachable.

In the face of these crises of human life, the message of hope remains alive despite the persistence of the bewildering negative events of contemporary history.

In response to the prophets of doom, the chances for undying hope are supported by the lessons of history. In this context, the world needs to support the calls for peace, love and justice by Pope Francis together with the United Nations and other global institutions for hope to overcome the negative effects of greed and inhumanity. A Blessed Easter to all!

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