As people who love to eat, Cebuanos are fascinated with food trends. We’re always on the lookout for the next dining destination or even just the latest snack or street food. It all started with cronuts and now we have croffles and baked sushi, and from food trucks, we now have ghost kitchens.

We’re beyond grateful to those whose innovative iterations of “normal food” have given us easy access to what we used to just see online. Who knows, maybe in the near future, we’ll get to see these somewhere in the city too:

Inari sushi

The Inarizushi, as it is called in Japan, are made of tofu pockets or Inari age that are cooked in a dashi-based broth and then stuffed with sushi rice and other savory ingredients. In one restaurant in Vancouver that sells these, the flavors include crabmeat, aburi salmon, grilled scallop, unagi and beef teriyaki, to name a few. It also mixes quinoa into its sushi rice so it’s both filling and healthy.

Unique cookie flavors

One family-owned dessert shop in Utah that now has over 300 branches in 36 states in the US has a rotating menu so customers get four to five different specialty flavors to indulge in. Its thick and soft milk chocolate cookies are a mainstay, but the brand focuses on developing more cookies inspired by popular flavors and desserts of all kinds, from pies to cakes and even candies.

Two flavors have caught our attention. Its cornbread cookie is coated with a honey butter glaze, topped with a honey buttercream frosting and drizzled with honey. The German chocolate cake cookie, on the other hand, has a layer of melted milk chocolate and is finished off with a coconut pecan topping.


Macarons can make you fat if they’re consumed in ridiculous amounts. In Korea, however, it’s the macarons themselves that are getting plumped up. Called ddung-carons (“ddung” means “fat” in Korean), these fat macarons are stuffed till bursting with whatever sweet or savory ingredients a pastry shop fancies. Fresh fruits, gobs of cream, mochi, nuts and more help to supersize the otherwise dainty French classic.