If you watch “Riverdale,” you probably fancy Veronica Lodge’s La Bonne Nuit, a speakeasy bar with world-class entertainment located underneath Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. In case you didn’t know, Veronica reopened this underground den as soon as she learned from Pop Tate that the basement of the diner used to be a speakeasy in the 1920s.

Circa 1920, in the real world, speakeasy bars started to emerge. It was the time when law enforcement agents began shutting down bars across the United States of America during the Prohibition. However, this didn’t stop people from going out for a drink with friends, which was the reason why millions of them partook in the underground life of a speakeasy.

Speakeasies were located in places that did not draw much attention from the outside, and entry was hard to gain. They were mainly discovered by word of mouth and had changeable requirements to get in like for example a password or a speakeasy card. The term “speakeasy” is thought to have come from the clients having to speak easy in order to enter the illicit, secret bar.

Enough about the history of a speakeasy because you’re about to know a secret. Did you know that you can actually sniff out at a hush-hush saloon for a night of tapas and superior cocktails with your amigas and amigos here in the Queen City of the South?

A 120-square-meter speakeasy called Llula, inspired by the Spanish word “libélula” which means dragonfly, is a perfect place if you’re looking for an intimate and laid-back night life—an alternative to the loud and glitzy bars. It offers nothing but authentic Spanish tapas, craft cocktails, great set of playlists (a mix of everything from classic, EDM, pop to house music), excellent service and lots of good vibes.

Llula opened its doors to El Patron’s friends in December 2019. Though it is still newly opened and kept as a secret, it gained its popularity by how legit a speakeasy works—by word of mouth. But for anyone to enter and enjoy the food, drinks and place, a password is needed which changes every month and is only given to the people who are in their guest list, by the way. So, these people in the guest list are the ones who give out the password to their friends.

Once you enter the secret den, a wooden stair with a wall filled with curated sublime photos in white frame will lead you to its lobby with giant marquee letters in novelty lights that spell the word Llula on its ceiling and a big dragonfly below. On the left side is where the 20-seater function room is and beside it is a rest room. On the left is another door and behind the sliding glass door is the Spanish-inspired with a touch of Cebuano crafts restaurant slash bar.

The menu of Llula boasts of the utmost quality and innovation from Pintxos (serves two pieces per order), Tapas (small plates) to Raciones (big plates), just like its Roasted Bone Marrow Salpicao, beef salpicao on a bone marrow with mashed potato; Sesame Crusted Seared Tuna; its own version of Scallop Risotto with rice pasta instead of the usual rice; and chorizo stuffed mushrooms.

Paired with craft cocktails such as its Vera Mango, a chili-infused tequila with mango juice, agave nectar and garnished with basil; Numero Seis, a mix of Yamazaki Roku gin, six spice stout reduction, Maraschino liqueur, and cranberry juice; and Bramble, a mix of Tanqueray, lemon and crème de mûre.

Llula envisions bringing the one-of-a-kind experience a speakeasy can offer at the same time bringing exquisite tapas, and delectable craft cocktails in the city.

If you’ve noticed, the address of Llula is not mentioned here. It’s for you to find out where it is.