Colby Covington is a fighter you just love to hate. And If you’re one of those snowflakes who think hate is such a strong, vile word, don’t worry coz Colby relishes the animosity thrown his way.

In fact, he purposely generates it on account of the fact that a couple of years ago he admittedly created a new persona—a heel character that offends most people.

Why? For the simple fact that it sells seats and tickets.

UFC 272. Last Sunday, Covington and resident bad boy Jorge Masvidal duked it out at the main event for five rounds and Covington emerged victorious.

The matchup was never meant to be a technical masterpiece but it lived up to its hype of an action-packed fight between two bad-ass warriors who genuinely dislike each other.

Masvidal, for all his bravado, seemed out-gunned at times and strangely unable to follow up on the occasions he hurt Covington and allowed the latter to recover.

To me, it all came down to superior stamina and conditioning, and Covington, being younger and in better shape, came out on top.

Will he ever make it to the apex of the sport? Not much of a chance. He’s interesting and entertaining because he talks smack. But nobody will ever mistake him for Georges St-Pierre.

That’s that.

ANCAJAS. We have our first world champion casualty for 2022 as Jerwin Ancajas (33-2, 22 KOs) lost his IBF Super Flyweight title to Fernando Martinez of Argentina last week, ending a reign that lasted nearly half a decade.

Jerwin had a hard time making the weight limit and practically lost the belt on the scales.

A visibly lethargic Ancajas, who looked a bit flabby around the middle, was outgunned all throughout the fight by Martinez. He attacked Ancajas’ body early and was able to sustain it all night long. Ancajas was game and tried his best to mount an offensive spurt and at times he would land but these were too few and sporadic to deter Martinez.

Punch stats revealed that Ancajas only managed to land 192 out of 816 punches thrown while the aggressive Martinez scored on 421 out of 833 power punches thrown for an incredible 51 percent accuracy rate.

LAST ROUND. It’s on my best friend since birth, Dr. Oliver Baclig, who recently achieved a milestone by turning 50. Cheers Bro!