A MILITANT group has described the upcoming oil price as a tsunami.

The Anakpawis Partylist has called on the people to air their opposition against this continuing increase in fuel prices.

'We enjoin sectors, especially those most affected by the tsunami of oil price hikes and subsequent increases in prices of goods and commodities to express their opposition to this situation. Like a tsunami, the upcoming big-time oil price increase will destroy the lives and livelihood of Filipinos, especially marginalized sectors," said Anakpawis national president Ariel Casilao.

"Malulunod na tayo sa taas presyo at sobrang mahal ng bilihin," he added.

Based on estimates, Casilao said the next price hike on Tuesday are:

DIESEL - P11.80 - P12/liter (L)

GASOLINE - P6.90 - P7.20/L

KEROSNE - P9.70 - P9.80/L

Sectors including workers, transport, farmers, fishers and consumers are gearing to welcome the "big-time" oil price increase with a week-long protest, according to the group.

"Lahat ng galit, pagod, at hirap na hirap na dahil sa mga taas-presyo -- magreklamo po tayo. Let us show our discontent and grievance to the government. Tama na, sobra na ang OPH at mga taas-presyo," Casilao said.

He said government efforts to cushion the impact of price hikes are not enough.

"We have heard the proposals of DOF (Department of Finance) and Neda (National Economic and Development Authority) and they are superficial and insignificant compared to the debilitating impact of successive oil price hike," he said.

Casilao said fare hike proposals will further hurt the riding public, composed mainly of laborers and ordinary consumers.

"The government must thoroughly aid the transport sector especially pandemic-stricken public utility drivers and small operators. Fuel discounts are not enough for drivers, farmers and fishers. Kailangan ng ayudang sapat para sa lahat, ngayon na."

The Anakpawis leader said oil companies must also curb their greed and refrain from taking advantage of the conflict in Ukraine.

"Huwag naman ipasa sa taumbayan ang kalbaryo ng taas presyo. Stop the profiteering and overpricing of oil companies," he said.

Casilao said major oil companies must also have their profit margins slashed for the sake of grueling consumers.

"Oil companies are back to profitability and are raking in billions as global oil prices keep rising. Whatever net loss oil companies had in 2020 due to pandemic lockdowns, they have already recouped in 2021," he said.